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  1. I have a Winchester model 69A that I got around 1962. I shot it as is for a couple years and then put a scope on to the grooved receiver, removed the original Lyman receiver sight and then foolishly traded it away.

    I recently decided to return it to its original condition. I contacted Lyman, and although they no longer make the sight that went on the rifle, they did provide the model number. I managed to locate a sight of the correct model on Ebay and purchased it. It fits the inletted portion of the stock and the diameter of the receiver perfectly using the original threaded screw holes.

    Problem: with the sight screwed down to the lowest possible setting the gun shoots 4" high at 25 yards. Yes, I found the small screw intended to act as a minimum stop and used a jeweler's screw driver to adjust it so it doesn't make contact. The sight just won't go any lower.

    I never replaced the front post sight and it is not damaged.

    Does anyone know if some slight model changes occurred over the production life of the rifle? I suspect that the Lyman sight I purchased may originally have been made earlier than my rifle. Cosmetically it lacks the arrows on the adjustment knobs that indicate the direction of travel.

    If I have to I guess I could have a gunsmith put a higher front sight on it.
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    What kind of ammo are you using?

  3. I'm using 40 grain lead Remington Thunderbolt and also 36 grain copper Federal hollow points. Both shoot to nearly the same point of aim. I've never noticed very much difference in ammo at close ranges in all the years I've had the gun. When I was a kid the only range I could find was a 50 foot smallbore facility: the original sight had no problem cranking down for that range.
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    Was that a 97B rear sight ???
    The Target model was advertised with a Winchester #80A aperture sight and a post front sight, while the Match model had a Lyman #57E peep sight, a hooded front sight
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  5. The rear sight I bought from Ebay is a #57EW. I have a simple post front sight, no hood. Evidently the Lyman people only told me half the story.

    I spotted the problem: even though the stock inletting for the base was OK, the elevation screw was making contact with the wood and therefore couldn't be worked all the way to the lowest position. I only was able to determine this by using a very strong light and then removed the action from the stock to find a new mark in the stock where the elevation screw was making contact. A few seconds with a Dremel tool and small burr and the inletting was accomodated. The sight now goes all the way down. I have not gone to the range yet but I bet it will be OK.

    Thanks for the comment: I had no idea there was a match model and a target model of the 69A. I bet the other sight was the one I originally had and I bet the elevation screw wasn't as long.
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