WIN "Tanker" Barrel - Confused Again

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by rustler, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. rustler

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    I asked this question once before and got confused again. I have this 18 1/2 ", cut-down WIN barrel with two grooves in .308.
    How was this done? Is it a chamber sleeve, or is it a sleeve the entire length of the barrel? I know they never made a .308 barrel, or a two groove barrel. I read a chamber insert can be removed with a broken case extractor. Any truth to that?
    Worst part is a WIN unmodified op rod came with the barrel, shortened to go with it.
  2. WyrTwister

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    Since it is a 2 groove , my guess is that they may have taken a worn out Garand barrel , cut the breech end off ( first few inches where it is larger in diameter ) . Then bore it out . Slide a 2 groove 03A3 barrel in & I guess , silver sorfer the two pats together . The remainder of the machine work wouldbe performed .

    Jerrry K. has a picture of one of these , in his book . Not good . :-(

    god Bless