Winchester 100: Any Experience??

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by jwrauch, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. jwrauch

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    We've got a Winchester model 100 at the shop that's in nice shape. Anyone know much about these? JR
  2. blaster

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    a few years ago there was a re-call on them. other than that I kick my self for passing a good deal on one in .308. what cal. is that one?

  3. Big Dog

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    Never handled one, but I was on GunsAmerica a couple days ago, and they have a BUNCH of them for sale. Hmmm..... if it was a car, I might be worried it was a lemon, with that many owners selling them.
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  5. texnmidwest

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    Good rifles....abundant recoil and a tenancy to either jam or slam fire limited their appeal. I would love to have one none the less!
  6. Big Dog

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    Pretty cheap and large selection on GA....... just sayin'. ;)
  7. Sav .250

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    Yes I do.

    Had one. Was a load to carry around. Never got it to perform to my liking. It was in 308 cal. There was a recall on them. Check that out.

    Just didn`t like it !! Got rid of it. Sold it back to my brother. :D

    My comments are all mine............................
  8. jwrauch

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably pass on it . JR
  9. shop tom

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    Some info I have gleaned. On the firing pin deal causing multiple or slam fires, there was a recall in the early 1990's:

    "The responsibility for the recall apparently was on Olin, as they were the parent company at time of manufacture. Olin set up regional recall centers at three established US gunshops. There was a manufacturing delay in the replacement firing pins, and a backlog occurred, also some collectors did not like the idea of shipping their guns long distances. Olin then also authorized other gunshops to make the required alterations. Upon completion of the recall, the shops were to test fire the firearm and to stamp an assigned letter on the inside top of the receiver as seen thru the magazine well with the bolt retracted. The letter “B” represented Bolsa Gunsmithing, “L” was Lefever, and “N” was for Nu-line Guns. The letter “X” apparently was for all the other independent shops. However this identification information did not get communicated to some of the smaller shops at the start of the project. The only way to tell if the gun as been modified, if the ”letter” is not present, is to take the barrel & action out of the stock, remove the trigger guard assembly and the try to rotate the firing pin by twisting it. If it does NOT rotate, then the firing pin recall HAS been performed."

    Here is a good read: Articles/winchester_model_88_100_info.html

    I was told some time ago by an older gunsmith that the 100 had cracking problems at the recoil lug area in the receiver. I haven't been able to find anything on that on-line, but I have no reason to doubt him.

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  10. I was given a brand new Model 100 in .308 for Christmas 1968 as a "welcome home" from 15 months in the Southeast Asia live fire exercise. Over the next 5 years I tried two different scopes (they were decent ones for the period-a Weaver and a Leupold), who knows how many different brands and weights of ammunition as well as every other trick I (or any of my shooting buddies) could contrive. The experience was always the same: the rifle operated perfectly every time in that it discharged the round. The problem, you ask? Kinda simple: it patterned in much the same way my 12 gauge did when shooting 00 buckshot. Finally gave up and sold it in '73 to guy who wanted something heavier for his deer hunting (he had a .243 at the time). A few years later I saw all the recall notices and "do not shoot" directives. My brother's Model 88 (a .308 lever gun) is still in the family, in fact, in my gun safe, and shoots beautifully. I always regarded my 100 as a stellar example of where Winchester went wrong post-'64 and have not missed it a bit in the intervening years. My current .308 is Dad's 1954 "hand-me-down" Model 70 Featherweight,,,and life is good.
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  11. cjleete

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    I've run into a few 100s at local gun shows. Not my cup of tea.
  12. Big Dog

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    I always liked the looks of the Model 100, but just too many bad reviews.
  13. Dad has one, he hasn't shot it much since I got him the 7X57
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  14. jwrauch

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    We've still got it at the shop but since I picked up the Century M14S I satisfied my need for a semiauto 308 !! JR