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winchester 140 or 1400?

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by panhandler, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. This site seems active. What is the difference between the model 140 and the model 1400?

    I don't own either model, but the 140 appears to be a youth model. Please instruct me.

  2. Rock

    Rock G&G Newbie

    Winchester 12ga pump shotguns use the same action/internal parts.They just use differant stocks and barrels other than that they are the same.

  3. Hangfire

    Hangfire G&G Newbie

    The 140 and 1400 are semi-automatics. I have owned both and currently own a 140. The differences aren't many but I can't list them cuzz it's been a while since I had the 1400. Sorry.

  4. I had a 1400 12ga.semi-auto. vent rib, plastic trigger guard, not a bad gun, but when temp. dropped to mid 30's & was wet outside the action was sluggish & sometimes wouldn't shut all the way even if gun was just cleaned.