Winchester 1887 Shotgun

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  1. graybeard

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    So a friend recently acquired an 1887 Winchester shotgun - black powder.
    Its nice, certainly well used, and seems to function correctly. Haven't loaded shells to shoot it yet...
    A question - what does the 3 digit number on the side of tang represent?
    When he removed the wood from the shotgun to clean it up, he notice these 3 numbers.
    The numbers don't match the serial number, so what do these numbers pertain to?
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  2. Do they match the last 3 or the first 3 of the serial number if it has one?
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  3. mauser9

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    Should be something to see for sure!! Only info I can find is that the gauge was chambered for 2 5/8 shells for 12 gauge and 2 7/8 in. for 10 gauge. Approx. 64,855 produced.
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  4. graybeard

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Apparently the serial number got scrubbed, so no idea if it was a possible match or not.