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Winchester 7.62x54R ammo

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Has anyone tried the Winchester 7.62x54R ammo. I recently saw it advertised on a web site but haven't found any locally. It looks like reloading components from Winchester would be the next step.
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haven't tried it but its made by Sellior and"B" for winchester. so its probably good.
S&B's ammo in .303 British and 8mm Mauser are excellent, so I would expect the same of the 7.62X54R.
Ron Y,
Does the ad say what sort of bullet is loaded in the Winchester ammo ? The S&B launches a 180gr soft point bullet at around 2600 fps, I think (actually the bullet is a fairly blunt, soft point for a bolt action round). I doubt if the ballistic coefficient is real impressive, but the accuracy seems to be pretty good and it probably expands well.
The Winchester site shows a single 7.62x54R load with a FMJ 180gr bullet loaded to 2579 fps. I got hung up on that bluntish soft point....and forgot that S&B offered the FMJ load as well.....I don't think that I've fired the FMJ version, but I'm sure that it's a good one as well.

Let us know what you think of the round, if you decide to try it.
I haven't seen any of the Winchester ammo yet but if it is made by S&B it would probably use the same bullet. I do have the S&B soft nose that I will try, I pick up my M44 today.
As far as I'm concerned, until Winchester comes WAY down on the price, I'll stick to S&B or my handloads. I just can't see paying almost twice the money for the same round with a different name.
I haven't bought or shot any Winchester ammo for my MN but I bought some 6.5X55 for my Swede and it shot great.........good groups.....consistant.
Dale, I bought a bunch of new Winchester brass for my Swedes, and it was terrible. The necks weren't annealed properly and they split every time. If Winchester comes back with 7.62x54R brass, I'm gonna wait and see how it does for others before I spend any money on Winchester rifle brass again.
However, I am kinda hoping they offer their Model 70 in 7.62x54R again.:)
Calvin, i don't know how to break it to you. the M-70 was never in 7.62X54r, it was the M-95 levergun.:rolleyes: ;)
Thanks, Papa G!! Had a senior moment there. Don't know what I was thinking!! :rolleyes:

Was it silver colored box Winchester Super X?

Like I said, mine shot complaints here.
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