Winchester 74

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  1. Dutch

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    I found a 1942 manufactured Win 74 chambered for .22 long rifle. I have had an interest in one for quite a while, and am keen on war era civilian arms, so when the lady behind the counter handed it to me...

    I took it to the range today and am pleased with how well it shoots. What a neat old semi-auto .22.

    As an aside, that old speedmaster shot great too. Another neat old rifle.

    20180517_171327.jpg 20180517_171359.jpg 20180517_171424.jpg
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  2. Sav .250

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    YouTube has some tutorials on the Win model 74. Audio/Visual.
    Could be helpful if you want to give the old puppy a bath( Clean up.)
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  3. Dutch

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    I'll do that. It surely needs it.
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    Wood could use some TLC for sure. Might look new if cleaned up and done correctly. Am sure the manufacture on that 74 was awesome back then. Thanks for showing.
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