Winchester Garand Danish Navy Marked UPDATE

Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by Anton, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Anton

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    You mean this one:
    Winchester Garand Danish Navy Marked UPDATE
    Yes I did post on multiple sites.
    I do not think you are putting down my rifle at all.

    I am not trying to make it into more than it is.
    I understand that is a "mixmaster" with some correct parts.
    It will also hopefully make a great shooter (based on the barrel).

    I was merely trying to figure out why the stock was numbered differently that the receiver.
    I also thought I had a valid reason to ask the questions and I wanted to explain.
    To say that I dont accept it is NOT true at all.
    I get it. You are saying that it was put together at some point with parts from other rifles.
    I just wanted an explanation about the numbering so I understand.

    I thought the purpose of this forum was to exchange knowledge.
    That is why I was asking the questions.
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    Anton, do yourself a favor and go to a coin shop or look on Ebay for an old Danish coin, a 10 ore (the o is supposed to have two dots over or a line through it.) It is roughly the size of an American dime. Find one from the 1920s, as it will have a hole in the middle. This 10 ore piece will fit exactly in the hole in the bottom of the pistol grip. Plus, it will look neat, too. The hole in your stock had a Danish army rack number on it, or property tag or whatever. They were usually brass, but had to be removed before they were shipped back here.

    An M1 is an M1. There are ****ed few that are "all original." The US forces had those particular Danes for maybe 10 years, but the Danes had them for 50 years. I had one original Springfield from the DCM that was absolutely brand new, never issued. It was also the worst shooter out of the 20 or so that I have had. It shot 15-20" patterns. Even with an accuracy job done to it, it would only shoot 8-10" groups with ball ammo.

    So enjoy your new M1. The VAR barrel is the best, and it should shoot well for you. Saa skal du snakker Danske med det.

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    Wow. Nice rifle! [drool]
  4. Felix's Tattoo

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    stock numbers

    In a perfect world, the receiver number would match the stock number, plus the last 4 of the rear sight cover would match.
  5. Felix's Tattoo

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    Danish M1

    The last M1 that I have kept for myself is a Winchester. Naturally it is a (perish the thought) "parts gun." I attempted to find every piece that I could that was Danish to put on this thing. Stock, trigger group, front sight, gas cylinder, rear sights (marked with a 'V,' for venstre, which is Left, in Scandihoovian.) and a few others..oh yeah, a PB gas plug, as well. A front sight, too. Naval rear sight cover, too. And Dane sling.

    With the Danish barrel, it is a tack-driver. The stock is early American walnut, with the cut-out filled with a Danish 10-ore piece that I have described.

    When I feel it is about time for me to tip over, I will donate it to the Danish Immigration Museum in Elk Horn, Iowa. They like stuff like that.
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    Congrats on the M1 Anton, looks great.

    You did well, I have a Dane myself.