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Discussion in 'Winchester' started by obie1946, Apr 12, 2011.

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    Has anyone on the forum ever gotten a letter from the Cody Museum on a Winchester they own?
    I sent off my information a couple of weeks ago & I haven't heard anything at all! I am wondering if I sent it to the wrong place or at least the wrong email address.
    I am willing to pay for the letter, but I sure would like some type of acknowledgement of my email so I at least know they received it. I didn't think to add a receipt to the email.
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    They get hundreds,maybe thousands of letters a day.Two weeks isn't very long but you could try a followup.I have had to use one sometimes to get an answer.I don't know anything about that "receipt"but try that.There isn't much I do know except to keep trying until I get results.Also,you can contact them direct at 307-587-4771 and These people will help you.Luck!
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    Did you send it with a return receipt?

    Sometimes you just have to stand back and wait.
    They probably, get many requests.
    And it takes time, to verify the information you sent them.

    Will be waiting to hear, what they have to say.
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    Contacting them direct by phone should help, BUT, in reading the site and from what I've heard responses to phone calls are generally reserved for Members only. Though maybe they could tell you when they received your letter request as a non-member and an estimate on when they might get it out. I'm in the same boat but haven't sent in the letter request on Cody's downloadable form for non-members. And I'm pretty sure you have to pay "up front" with your request. They say that if they can't track down the info on your Winchester, they refund your $$. I downloaded and printed their form request, printed it and am going to send it along with the non-member $70 bucks fee. Only because the Cody serial number/manufacture dates vary remarkably from the Winchester info at its site. My '94 has s/n 105xxx. Winchester records show a manufacture date of late 1897, which is great because its much easier to transfer (no FFL required) to a collector who may want to buy it. But Cody records date it from the s/n as manufactured in 1901 and many "experts" I've asked swear by the Cody info so any buyer would have to have an FFL or go through a dealer (something in my part of the country dealers hate because they want you buy from them, so they charge a hefty fee for receiving anything made after 1889.)
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    Good information.

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