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Winchester M-1

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Found a Winchester M-1 at a local gun shop. It was made Feb 1944 as referenced by receiver number. I did not fully take the gun apart but all parts are marked WRA that should be. Its got lock bar rear sight and a faint cartouche WRA over GHD with ord wheel. The barrell has a circle with a W and a P over top of that. Is that a winchester proofed barrell? Also I wanted to know is 1000.00 to much to invest in this rifle? Thanks
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If it is correct and the muzzle is tight YES INDEDEDY it is well worth it. The barrel and reciever could be worth that if original and in original condiition. If reparked you devalue it becasue it most probably has been put together then redone. Rick B
Bought it. I do not believe i went wrong with this purchase. I have been looking for a collector winchester for awhile. I believe this rifle is a DCM Collector Garand before they went to CMP Program.
Good job as the barrel is worth a bunch by itself if in good shape. That is one of those things you have to buy and not pass up. You will get you're money back out of it if you need to sell it. Congrat's. Rick B
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