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Winchester M1 Carbine

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by WildBill, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. I found a Winchester M1 carbine in excellent shape with a beautiful non-refinished cartouched stock in a local gun store. The bore looks perfect and all of the metal looks new. Is this gun worth the asking price of $795.00? It is the best looking GI carbine I've ever seen!

    WildBill :confused:
  2. Check to see if it an import, also check to see if the bolt, slide, triggerhousing , barrel etc are Winchester. If it's a mixmaster it's probably not worth it. Does it have early features, or late features. Check serial # to see when it was made, early Winchesters will have this on the barrel, late ones will not. Condition is important , but only one of the things to look for.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Bob! I didn't have anything to write down the serial number(s) but did not see any import marks on the metal. It has the late model flip safety and late style rear sight. I will try to get back to the store with a notepad and more viewing time available so I can check this thing more closely. Regards, WildBill