Winchester Makarov Ammo

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by Calvin, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Has anyone heard about, or seen, Winchester's Mak ammo? I read somewhere that they were going to market it soon, but I haven't seen anything about it in a while. TIA
  2. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    I've found some made by Hornady. Havn't heard about Winchester

  3. Dennis

    Dennis G&G Evangelist

    From the looks of it there will probably be several domestic
    Ammunition manufactures come out with 9x18
    This is a good thing
  4. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    That is a good thing . I should be able to pick up reloading componets locally. Sure hate to wait on that mail order stuff.
  5. Michael M

    Michael M G&G Newbie

    I've seen it listed for sale, in Shotgun News I think. I have plenty of surplus E German for now, so didn't pay much attention to details. But it is out there.
  6. jpaulghetto

    jpaulghetto G&G Newbie

    i think i've seen it in graf and son catalog.
  7. Never seen it but havent really looked either. I am so **** happy with the Sellier-Bellot ammo (at $6.00 per box of 50) that I cant imagine how anything could be better for the money.
    Have you tried looking for the Winchester Homepage and sending them an E-mail? I bet they would answer.
  8. Where are you finding S&B for $6 a box.


  9. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    Yeah! I have never seen any mak ammo that cheap. I would love to get some too. Where do you get it from?
  10. nick

    nick G&G Newbie

    natchez has them $6.80 -1000 plus $15.00 shipping ruffly $151