Winchester model 1895

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    here you go, as far as i know there were only a few of these made.

    Winchester model 1895, the last time i checked there were only 80 in America. It is in Perfect Condition 100% bluing 100% wood, it was made for the Russian Sars in 1915, but never got delivered to Russia, Because of the Russian Revolution. It shoots the Mosin Nagant round of 7.62x54R which is cheap and commonly available. You can still see evidence of the Bayonet lug on the bottom of the barrel, in order for winchester to sell them to the public they had to "modernize" it. So it was not sporterized by anyone, it was done by Winchester.

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    Awesome. I'm still on the hunt for one of these. I believe these were made to the tune of about 300,000 in 7.62x54R. But they sure seem to be much harder to find than those numbers might lead one to believe. You ever want to sell it....... lol let me know!

  3. Link23

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    it is for sale... PM me
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    Way ta go Link!!
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    During the period 1915-1916 the Russian Empire ordered some 293,000 Winchester 95's in caliber 7.62x54R for their military to use in the Great War (World War One).
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    And it looks like at some point it was reblued.
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    Really cool gun, but I doubt I'd ever drop the coin for one.
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    The only one I ever saw for sale had like zero bluing left and he wanted $3000 for it. I gotta hit the lottery before I get one.
  9. Link23

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    sorry fellas its sold to chesterwin
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    Less than 12 hours later it's sold!
    Another victory for the Gun Trading Post!


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    Glad it will stay in the family !!