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Winchester Model 72 / 72A .22lr

Discussion in '.22/rimfire' started by robertscheib, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. robertscheib

    robertscheib G&G Newbie

    Could a resident Winchester expert tell me what the difference is between a Model 72 and a Model 72A Winchester .22lr bolt action rifle? Are there any clues as to when a rifle was built IE "early or late" production year? I'm in process of cleaning up a friends recent purchase - it came with a Weaver #344 scope installed on a "T7" mount.

  2. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    I'm a little rusty on those, the 72 was made from 1938-1943 then 1946-1959.

    Read the below's a rather intense discussion about the 72 vs 72A :)
    Model 72 vs 72A

    That's all I got.
  3. robertscheib

    robertscheib G&G Newbie

    Win Mod 72

    Thank you very much for the ton o' information!! Very helpful!
  4. Bennie0823

    Bennie0823 G&G Newbie

    I just bought a Model 72A at a gun store for $80.Very good shape.Was surprized to find out about the year it was made.And what it could be worth.
  5. jaistle

    jaistle G&G Newbie

    I bought a Winchester 72A, brand new, in the summer of 1959. Bolt action, tube feed, 15+1 LR, 18+1 L, & 21+1 Short.

    I still have it and it is mounted with a Weaver 6X scope. I can't remember the exact price that I paid for it back then, but to be sure, it was less that $30.00. Took me a year of working a dairy farm job to save the money.
  6. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    Welcome aboard, new guys :)
    Feel free to ask questions, we ain't like certain other places that give folks a hard time...
    until we know ya a little better ;)
  7. Gprap

    Gprap G&G Newbie

    The Model 72A has a chrome bolt, trigger guard and trigger. That is the only difference between this and the Model 72, which is all blued.
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