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Winchester Model 74 .22 made in 1942 (Dad`s rifle)--on piece stock

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These was Dad`s rifle when he was 13 years old. I used it when I was 13 years old, He gave it to me a few years ago. He is in a retirement home.

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The stock although 80 years old has a nice finish. It`s also a one-piece stock which I find interesting. The factory took a piece of walnut and carved it out. Can you imagine what that would cost today?

Also note that the ammo entered into a rail located inside the stocks.

BTW, the barrel is 23" long and shoots great on the target. American manufacturerIng in a bygone era.
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Is that one chambered for long rifles or shorts? Dad had one of each.
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I have recently fired.,22LR. I am sure that I probably used .22horts as a 13 year-old?
There is a big gun show here on May 6, 2023. I am entered as other guys [].I will be looking for these old rifles with nice stocks and great actions. Most guys will want the latest plastic rifles. Heck, I like the old stuff as best.
Agreed, a lot of the old stuff is just built better. Or at least that's my thought on the subject.
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