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Discussion in 'Winchester' started by NRAJOE, Jun 8, 2002.


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    I have a Model 94 in .44 mag that I bought like 3 yrs ago and have yet to shoot it. Anyone else have one in this caliber,do you like it?,what have you used it for? I got a really good deal on it and couldn't pass it up.
  2. oneastrix

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    I have a 94 Trapper that was excellent when I worked and lived on a south TX ranch. Heck of a hog and javalina dropper.


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    Thats what I figured I,d use mine on is wild boar. I don't live to far from Ted Nugents hunting acreage and was gonna use it there.
  4. By your profile we both probably enjoyed Nugent in our teenage years. I respect the man for all of his charity work and hunting camps for kids. Does a 1948 Winchester 30-30 count??

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    Nice old gun,hand me down?
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    I have a Trapper in .44mag that I added peep sights to. Handy carbine for camping. Perfect companion for my 629 S&W.

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    Yeah it sure is, my companion gun is a Ruger Redhawk with the 7 1/2 inch barrel.
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    I've had one for quite a while now. Great little rifle. Good horse back gun. I shoot mostly cast 255 gr Keith swc gc bullets through it and it's as accurate as my old eyes can be. Go out and shoot it.
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    SW SK
    I also have a trapper in 44 i use it for every thing from dispatching old cows to coyotes and the odd gopher, i love it
  10. Quite a few chaps here using a lever .44 mag in conjunction with dogs when hunting pigs. Theory being that it gives great knock down up close, and won`t go whistling off for miles like a bigger calibre is apt too, given that shots up close with dogs close by might be a tad hurried ie: OMG!! I gotta kill this crazy pig!! Type of thing. Not forgetting one could amp up the loads a fair amount over what you`d put in a revolver.