Winchester model 9410 lever shotgun

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by NRAJOE, Jun 24, 2002.


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    Has anyone bought one of the lever action 9410 .410 shotguns by Winchester? This looks so cool and seems like a great idea! Would like to know how the action feels and is it as much fun to shoot as it looks?
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    NRAJOE, I got to shoot one that belongs to a friend. The action runs smooth and once I quit trying to pump the forend and remembered to work the lever skeet doubles were no problem. He's been shooting it for about 6 weeks now at skeet and the only problem he's had was that the plastic butt plate was too slick, and the stock a little short so he added a 1" recoil pad that fixed both problems. It's never failed to feed or eject that I know of and these were all reloads(2 1/2" Win. AA's).



    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Cool...thanks, I'll probably get one. I have short arms and like the feel of my 94 in .44 mag. I'll try to remember to not pump the :D
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    whinchester model 9410

  5. sniper762

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    best of both worlds..........buckshot and slugs for deer......shot for smaller game.
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    Cheaper to buy a new rifle than 410 slugs .

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yeah, thats whats held me off on getting one.
  8. sniper762

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    i bought a 5-pack of slugs for 3 bucks, hardly expensive.

    thats 60 cents each, bullets for my rifle are 18 bucks for 20, thats 90 cents each.
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    Couldn't you reload the .410 slugs for a really reasonable price?
  10. SwedeSteve

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    WOW !! I didn't even know these existed. Now I want one !! Thanks Joe...
  11. PAPA G

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    they are no longer made, the used gun market is the only source now.:sorry:
  12. Snake-eater

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  13. Buckshot in a .410. HOW??? What will they hold, 3 single stacked?
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    Yes; I bought the packer model the first year these came on the market (whenever that was). I grew up first using a lever action daisy BB gun before eventually shooting my father's model 94 30-30. I'd always liked the lever action gun and thought this gun would be novel to have if nothing else.

    It is a cool gun (imo) and it is easy to use anywhere given it's relatively short range, especially when firing bird shot. I will warn you; this gun creeps everyone out because they think you're walking around with a high powered rifle. I was stalking and shooting english sparrows at some vacant property of mine up in Virginia and one of the homeowners from an adjacent lot called the sherrif. I was subsequently visited by a deputy.

    Then again, if you have neighbors that you enjoy agitating, it's a great gun for that.