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  1. A friend of mine quoted Mr. Duff. He said Winchester had problems with manufacturing recievers. Springfield assisted to correct the situation. Is this a factor with Winchester recievers and if so, what range of serial numbers are affected?
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    Ordnance had many problems with Winchester and that contract. When new parts were updated with new Drawing Numbers Winchester would not comply. Winchester only once in one month meet there contract number of M1's to be built. Winchester was always behind. Like the time they forgot to order STEEL for the M1 Garand contract in the middle of the war!! I hope this short note gives you some idea of the problems with Winchester and Ordnance. I hope this data helps.
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    other than the fact that winchesters have a little rougher finish this does not affect them, regardless of manufacturer all garands had to meet ordinance board requirements, if they did not they were scrapped or repaired.
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    When we were having problems with a CMP Winchester not feeding and other stuff we called CMP at talked to "Mac". First thing he asked "what is it?"
    Replied "Winchester".
    Mac's response "well, that's your problem!"
    In conversation he related they were not as well made as the rest of the manufacturer's and that he saw many of them with similar function problems.
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    Thank you Mr.Clancy Guy's Ed has the ordanace records so theres no argueing with him. Appreciate the help Ed. Rick B