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Winchester Super X2

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Sorry Trapfreak,
Been looking at more shotguns, the Mossberg 935 is still in the running. Looking for a 3~3.5 " heavy hitter for steel.

Picked up a Winchester SX2. First shocked (pleasantly ) to see Mfg By FN Belgium on the BBL. Winchester, Hey :rolleyes:

It is almost the exact same gun as the Browning Gold.

The one I handled was black. It had a "soft touch" finish. You will recognize this as the coating on the knobs of your dash, cell phone, lap top etc. A very nice finish. I wonder how it would hold up to brush busting while chasing a big red leg cripple mallard?

I spoke to a few people with first hand shooting experience. They are nothing but satisfied. All mentioning the soft recoil even of the 3.5's

Price: I've quoted 3 places,,, $719,,,$734,,,& $754. Makes me wonder what the mark up is on these? Hey, we all have to make money. I like to buy from one store though. They would be the $734 price tag. 'Nuff 'bout price.

Any one shot this gun? I guess I have, I shot a Browning Gold :D
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Thats OK I have the picture of the SX2 (Sporting) saved in my favorites. If I ever get an extra $1050 I will own it for trap shooting. I go to the site and drool occasionally.
I also covet the Remmingtion 1100 classic trap
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