winchester sx3 cantilever deer problems

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    I recently bought 3 winchester sx3 cantilever deer 12 gauges for an upcoming deer hunt I am taking my buddies on in Illinois. One for each of us. Mine is set up with the Leupold 3-9 by 40 shotgun scope. I am having a horrible time shooting this gun. I have heard nothing but good about it.....I have been hunting and shooting many long guns for years...but this one has me baffled. I shot several different rounds through the gun and settled on Winchester Supreme Elite 3" 300 grain Sabots. I then had the gun taken to the gun smith and the trigger polished and made much smoother and a little lighter. when I went back out shooting off a led sled it was 7 inches high. got it closer to center..but after 4 shots with the same aiming point, bullet, adjustments in between. One shot was 3 inches high right, another equally high left, another equally low left and the same low consistancy whatsoever. Scope is and was tight, I see no movement in crosshairs, I can promise this is not shooter related, no movement noted in issues with rifling, the barrel is clean. I'm going back out in the morning and trying several other rounds, including 2 3/4 loads. Another thing of note....this gun kicks like a mule...worse than any other shotgun I own. This gun is advertised to kick very I missing something.
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    I suggest setting up a howl for warranty work.

    Something is wrong and it is up to them to make it right.

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    try the different ammo. Sometimes the expectation levels of slug guns is dramatized. It is still a shot gun, not a rifle. The recoil may be tamed a bit with a gas gun, but slugs are known for being wicked on the recoil.