Winchester vs Mossberg vs Marlin. 30-30

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  1. Which of these lever actions is in your opinios the best.

    It will be a used rifle from the pawn shop they are selling for about $250 or so as a median price between the three.
  2. Marlin in the quintessential lever gun if you're looking to scope it. If not, Winchester for iron sights.

  3. Plumber

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    I've only had my Marlin for 48 years. So I havn't had it long enough to say it will last. But so far it's been good to me. And I've never put a scope on it.
  4. Whats the accuracy like. Because (i know its blasphemy) but i like marlin better than winchester. I wont be using a scope but im not a fan of top ejection.
  5. Im just expecting minute of deer accuracy at 100-150 yds.
  6. My Marlin 336 is minute of deer off hand at 100 yards with a sling. Its the only gun I can shoot that well off hand. I put a gallon jug a hundred yards out and pumped 5 rounds off hand with only my sling. The gallon jug had 5 through and through holes in it. What more can you ask for?
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    I love Winchesters, & Marlins.
    And I prefer the tighter actions, on the Marlins!

    Either way, you cant beat the durability of a lever action!
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    I think if you are talking pre-64 Winchester Lever guns vs Marlin lever guns, the only question is do you want to scope it? If so, then Marlin. If not then it's up to you. Both the Winchester, pre 64 and Marlins are fine rifles. The later Winchesters lost a bit and I am not too much of a fan but the older Winchesters are very fine rifles.

    As noted above....when it comes to lever guns....Moss who?
  9. I would

    go with the Marlin as it is a superior firearm in design as compared to the Winchester design which is carried over to the Mossberg.

    Also, the Marlin is easy to mount a scope or other optical device should you wish to go that route.
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    Although the OP didn't ask about it...The Savage 99 is in a class by itself when it comes to lever guns.
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    Being a faithful John Wayne fan I love the Winny,s but since a Marlin .30-30 was what I shot my first deer with,I have a lot of faith in them too. (Almost 56yrs ago???)No experience with Mossy what soever. ,,,sam.
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  12. I've had experience with both the Win 94 and the Marlin 336. The action was a lot looser on the Win 94, but it shot OK I was getting 1 to 1 1\2 inch groups with it, as it was scoped. The Marlin was getting groups of about the same size.
    I prefer the Marlin, but have no experience with the Mossberg so have no opinion of it.
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    I wanted to ask the same question,looking for some one who has a mossberg 30-30,I like the looks of it.
  14. thanks guys looks like there is gonna be a marlin under the tree for Christmas this year.
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    I like the Marlins for the simple fact that it ejects the spent shells out the side and not over the top.
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    I found a new mossberg 30-30 for 405.00, not bad?
  17. Get a new marlin at wally world for $367.

  18. Yup, And as much as I like mossy shotguns when it comes to brand new levers I would trust a Marlin first.
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    Kentucky Fan

    When you get ready to take her out to the range get a box each of 150gr, 160 gr LE, and 170 gr.

    Some 30-30's will shoot all equally well, and others have a definite preference for a certain bullet weight. So find out if yours has one it prefers, and if it does, shoot that one (unless you reload, then you can find a powder charge with each weight that works well).