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As a long time fan of the Model 94 Winchester .30 WCF, I thought it my duty to post this, as know one else has posted anything. Has there ever been a rifle made that came up to your shoulder as smoothly as the ol' 94? I say they ain;t been one yet that handles as sweet. On cold rainy days in the brush hunting of ol' mossy horns in the mountains, it sure is a pleasure to tote. Any other fans out there?
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I Totally Agree

I love my Winchester model 94AE in .30-30. It was the first rifle I ever bought. I got it for close range hunting, but now I mostly target shoot and plink with it. Yes I also shoot LE's, SKS's and I love my Mosin's, but there is just SOMETHING about a lever action that never fades. I've been thinking of buying a Cowboy Winchester next. I guess I'll have to go out back to my money tree and pick a few "leaves".:D
i like lever guns also, but just have never gotten used to the choppy and loooong action on the 94. anyone else feel this way?
More on the Vernerable "94 in 30WCF

I have always been a bolt guy, having cut my teeth on old savage rifle in 32-20. More one shot kills were registered on sqirrels, rabbits, grouse, and small blacktail deer. All shots were kept under 50 yards. As I got older I passed up more shots than I made, my style of hunting had changed. No longer did I have the luxary of time and energy to aid in making this caliber useful. Away the rifle went in a trade.
When it came time for me to purchase my stepson a rifle, I knew he would appreceate a small rustic looking bush gun. Still young and full of piss n vinegar, he had the energy and time to put in. I decided to also buy something that would age well with him, so he would not have to trade it in. A rifle that will always have some use.
A friend just so happened to have a pre 64 Winchester 94 in 30 WCF. This old rifle with a 24 inch barrell, was still in the box, heck it still had the original box of shells with it. Only four cartidges were missing from the box of ammo. The price was $250.00 (Canadian). I threw the money on the table and ran off with the sweet little rifle. My step son has since put one box of ammo through the ole 94, and is pleased as can be to have a part of history to shoot.
Will see how he does this upcoming season with it.
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My Dad once told me to quit fretting over what type of rifle to buy for my first deer rifle. He said, "Go out and get a model 94 30-30 and shut up." hunting in the south TX brush country, you seldom get a shot over 100 yards. The 94 has done the trick beautifully. I have my bolts and what not, but I seem to use the 30-30 more than anything.
Amen to that oneastrix! There never has been a rifle made since the ol' 94, that comes up to your shoulder as well as it does. A lot of people knock em', but I've had 2-3 that shot 1 1/2 " groups at 100 yrds. just this past year my father -in-law got one that I adjusted his sights , with open factory sights at 100 yrds. 7/8" three shot group! A lot of bolt guns that I have zeroed over the years would not do this even with a scope. I owned one that was made in 1907 according to the Buffalo Bill Cody Firearms Museum, that shot all 6 in a 1 1/4" group.
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