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  1. Saw windtalkers lastnight, and must say it's a great movie, some things i could have done without, like nicolas cage running and shooting a thompson with one hand accuratly, but hey it's hollywood.
    Also this is the first movie i've seen since heat that actually got the sound of the various guns used correct.
    my advise would be to see it.

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    I've wanted to see this movie since it was advertised. I read about the Navaho code talkers years ago and never liked how they were treated and never got the recognition they deserved! Old Indian vets are just now getting the recognition they deserve after all these years. Sadly most are posthumous! :mad:

  3. My wife and her mother went to see it last night--She said it was a great movie. As you can see I was stuck home doing the dishes.
    hehehe!!! And of course playing on the computer.
  4. My wife had an Uncle that was one of the first original code talkers. Unfortunately he passed away before Congress got off their duffs to give them their long overdue recognition.

    But, we are anxiously awaiting the chance to see the movie. I'm glad to hear of some positive reviews from the 'roomies' in here.

    I am not a big movie goer so I usually wait until it comes out on VHS or DVD. I'm sure my wife and daughter will go to see it though.
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    I read the book and it was pretty good...kinda short but good...glad to hear the movie was good.
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    it is a ****ed shame that the navajo were treated as they were, and congress kept the status quo the american indian shoul be recognized for therir part in the war effort., rather than the like of MacArtur.:mad:
  7. Come on Dale admit it you will be doing the dishes too. hehehe!!!
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    I have a good friend that lives on the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation in the Monument Valley area of Utah. He said that the pastor in the local church has a theory on the Japanese tourists that come visit MV. He said that they take all those pictures to get the layout of the land and features so they can prepare for an attack. He said the Japanese are mad at the Navajo people for coming up with a code that helped defeat the Japanese. wierd...

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    Still don't trust them little people...
  10. With that GUN-- you don't trust anybody. Is that thing loaded.:D :D
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