Winter shooting?

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  1. Howdy all. I just was wondering what people like to do during the winter season? I myself haven't a clue what to do with my time since it'll be snowing here pretty quick. Does anyone have anything special they do during the cold months? All those people living close to the equator need not respond unless there is something special to be done. I kinda just thought anyone who doesn't experience a huge weather change doesn't need to worry! Shooting year round must be fun. So, any thoughts, stories and the like?

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    Hunting last up untill January for deer season. There is a pistol season in mid Jan. February brings coyotes into the mix. If it freezes good enough, there is ice fishing. If hard water is not the thingyou like, we have a coal power plant lake 10 min away (best smallies in the area) and a nuke plant 1 hr away. the water stays open all year.

    This is also a good time to clear a few trees, make some trails and work the deer property if your lucky to have a friend as a land owner or you have some your self. Nothing like a day of hard work in January followed by a hot cup of coffee and a bowl of chili!

    I don't mind shooting at the range on a nice day 0-34 F.

    If all else fails, the wife finds me a room to remodel :)

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    Shooting and bowling. (but not at the same time...errr shooting!):assult: :eek:
  4. We don't get the snow in W. Washington, put I still go to the range. High recoil still bothers me a little (although I'm not quite the wimp I was a couple of years ago) and it gives me an excuse to wear lots of covering.
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    Up north we like to snuggle up in front of a warm fireplace with a good woman and fine bottle of scotch and dream about the range.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Now thats good hunting Don! :kinky: :D
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    I have been shooting during the Christmas - New Years holladay , in Ice & snow .

    It is a good time to catch up on reloading & if you have a place that is ventilated well enough , bullet casting .

    Same for cleaning the grease & cosmoline from all those C&R rifles . :)

    God Bless
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    I'm from Connecticut myself and there is a range in Newington that has what they call a "frostbite match" ever year in November. Its a military style match and any style military rifle is welcome be it bolt or semi auto WWI to present.
    You shoot three iderations, timed in standing , sitting and prone positions. At whatever range you choose using either iron sights or a scope. And after the last round had been fired and the firing line cleared there is also a bayonet charge to your target. The winer getting 10 points to his or her score.
    Ive shot the match in the snow and and rain, adding to the challange but not dampening the fun. Many show up in military attire appropreate to their weapon. Adding to the whole expeariance.
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    That is awesome Doc! I almost got to attend a friendly competition which you can bring and WWI & WWII era rifle and you just come and shoot! It got rained out. :( That bayonet idea is great, I'm gonna have to mention that to someone. Thank's Doc!
  10. I remember the days of my youth when I used to run a trapline after school. .22 over the shoulder and snowshoes bungeed to the back of the skidoo. I recently saw an identical model of skidoo in a museum.:confused:
    Used the .22 to "crease" gray squirrels on top of the noggin so as not to damage the hide. Mighta got them low once or twice.
    There was nothing like the quiet if you'd sit still for awhile when snow would start to gently fall. Course there were days when I just froze MAO.

    I know there's traplines going wanting these days. There are much better traps available, and snowmobiles and snowshoes and .22's. If I lived near one of those areas now, I'd do it again.
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    Winter Wonderland!

    Down here in the Sunshine State, it can still get chilly. I'm just south of the Georgia border. We'll see some frost, and it tends to get windy. Actually, it's a great time to shoot the milsurps, with the extra padding of a good coat!
    The frosty temps keep the light-weights home, too. Only us real gun-lovers out there shooting. ;)
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    Ciao, Last weekend I start my hunting season here in Toscany hills, on Suturday I catch a wild boar 80 kilos with my danisch M1 garand. ciao Riccardo
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    how about some pictures of it??? winter is the time to detail clean the toys, gather up needed stuff, etc.
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    If the weather is good, I go shooting, if not I reload all of the brass from t he summer.

    Steve G
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    Wow I see not just 1 but 2 other Canadians replyed. I was getting lonely here thought I was the only Canuck! Winter is the best time to shoot some rabbits, maybe even a wolf or two.
    We already got snow here, and I dug out the long johns just in case.
    Most winters I go back home for deer season mid Nov., then stay @ my brothers where we drink and laugh for a day or 2, then drink and fight for a day or 2. Then it's time to go home, hibernate, and polish up the toys.
    That good woman thang sounds nice but i'd rather have vodka not scotch. Winter is the time for the 3 Bs, bed, a broad, and a bottle, in any order you please.
  16. Going to the rage tomorrow to sight in my shotgun for deer season. In Illinois you cant use rifles so I have a rifled slug barrel. Gotta bring out the Garands for the hell of it. Have some old canned food that were goona blow some holes into.
  17. Hey Itchboy
    I use leftover halloween pumpkins myself!