wodden blanks shooting GRENADE

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  1. Ya mean like these?

    They dont have much power. I was told the wood round burns up before it even gets out of the barrel.

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    Umm.....they don't burn up completely...I tried it several months back with my SKS and a homemade wooden bullet I turned on my late. I was extra careful to make it as tight as I don't without damaging the "bullet" getting it back in. I loaded it back into the same casing without removing any powder, so it was full. Kinda surprised me when I shot it though. Made a popping sound, didn't kick at all, didn't cycle, and made a buncha tiny scars on a piece of cardboard a couple yard away. Then I had to clean all the splinters out my barrel plus a LOT of unburnt powder. It never built enough pressure to do much of anything. NOW, if you were to put a grenade launcher on it and close the barrel and gas port up(mine's a Norinco SKS so I don't really have that option) then I'm sure it would build enough pressure to kick and shoot a grenade out.
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  3. could screw up your grenade, use regular blanks.
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    I have shot these wooden bullets at the ground about 3ft from the end of the barrel and 8 out of 10 times nothing comes out of the barrel. Don't know where it goes but it doesn’t come out of the barrel. The barrel gets coated with powder residue, but I have yet to find anything that I could say was the built.
    As for launching grenades, I doubt if it will have enough power to get the grenade off the end of the barrel.
  5. I agree AK they seem like they are made of balsa wood.
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    ya i stoped my order, these sound real lame just noise makers no backfire cant shoot grenade and sound like they might hurt the gun with all that wood going all over the place i also hear you cant reload them and since they have no recoil i cant even practice my bump fire with them.:) not worth it
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    Yes I am aware that wood bullets were used in WWI for short range replacement for lead. It had to be some hardwood to stay together. But these bullets are so light that they vaporize.
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    If you had a wooden bullet inside of a think steel jacket, that would make a horrible wound at close range....man I hate to even think about it.
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