Wolf 7.62zx39 Hollowpoint Terminal Performance?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Joshua M. Smith, May 25, 2008.

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    The only 7.62x39 readily available here is Hotshot and Wolf. While there's a box of 20 soft point Remingtons at Dunham's, I will not pay over a buck a round! I also don't like the accuracy of soft pointed ammunition.

    I've been all over the 'net looking for information on the terminal performance of this ammo. Here's what I've found:

    1) The hollowpoint always expands

    2) The hollowpoint never expands

    3) The FMJ has an air space in the nose, much like the 5.45mm, to aid in tumbling and so is very effective.

    This is all 122/123gr.

    The SKS is going to serve as a home defense weapon part time, and as a coyote gun replacing my Mosin M44. Terminal performance is, therefore, important.

    What opinions do you have? I tested it in five milk jugs, and most of the water vaporized in the first jug, but water is not Jello is not flesh.



    Josh <><
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    I havent used the hot shot but did buy 350 rnd s of it on a buddys recomendation if that helps.. i usually buy brown bear made in russia the hot shot is made in romania

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    It (Wolf h.p.) spreads jackrabbit innards for about 3 ft. when shot from a distance of 30 yds.
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    Wolf HP expansion test.

    The only difference between the Wolf FMJ & HP is that the tip of the FMJ has been cut off,exposing the air space you still have the lead core,steel, copper coated bullet. It's not actually meant to function as a American style HP would be like you would use in a handgun or varmint Rd,it more less fragments at HV or distorts at lower velocity. Wolf didn't specifically design the bullet for any kind of "controlled" expansion.

    I'm not sure why you have accuracy problems with SP ammo,I haven't found this to be the case,but you also said you only have only two types of steel case ammo to test,and some of the Remington 7.62 ammo has known to be loaded with bullets in .308 dia. instead of .310 which would give you accuracy problems.

    If you reload or know someone that can reload for you you would have lots more options on bullet choices,I load Hornady SP,FMJ & V-MAX ammo in 123 Gr. and Speer 150 Gr. SP's for my YUGO and Chinese SKS that will shoot consistent 1" or less groups at 50 Yds. with the irons, However you do have a few options if you not able to reload.

    MidwayUSA - Prvi Partizan Ammunition 7.62x39mm Russian 123 Grain Round Nose Soft Point Box of 20

    Graf & Sons - P.C.I. AMMO 7.62x39 123gr HORNADY V-MAX 20/bx