wolf ammo case ruptures

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by toolman, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. toolman

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    hi guys,been awhile,(i'm a truck driver,don't get to play but a few days a month).have any of you guys exp. any case failures w/wolf ammo? shot 20 rds through my m-44 about a week ago and just noticed that 2 of the cases are split lengthwise along the shoulder. both are about 1/8" long and only extend to crease in shoulder. gun is in excellent,unissued cond. and have shot approx. 100 rds thru it w/no probs.
  2. Dennis

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    Brass cases?Steel cases? How old is the Ammo
    I have seen newer wolf stuff and older wolff stuff
    If worst comes to worst have a good gunsmith do a chamber casting and measure what you got.
    Other than that I wouldnt worry to much about it.
    Occasionaly steel cased and older brass cased ammunition will split at the neck like you described. I have seen older 3006 and 8mm do the same thing.
    Just wach it and stop shooting if it gets worse .
    I doubt it is the gun.

  3. Calvin

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    Sometimes the cases do that if they aren't properly annealed. My Swedish Mauser was doing the same thing with Winchester brass. Scared me a little, so I made a quick call to a gunsmith and he said that a certain lot of Winchester 6.5x55 wasn't annealed properly. The necks all split on me, in the same manner as your Wolf ammo did. Try another brand, or a different lot of Wolf ammo. As Dennis said, I also doubt it's your rifle. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

  4. Big Dog

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    I've seen this with Russian surplus steel-cased, and with Turk 8mm surplus. As long as it's in the shoulder/neck area, I've been told it's no problem, and of course these cases aren't reloadable anyway, so it's no loss. A case-head rupture is a different matter, and much more serious.
  5. toolman

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    thanks for the input guys,this ammo is 99 production w/the bi-metal cases and i've shot quite a bit of it w/out any probs. so it kind of got my attention,you know? i,ve come to expect neck ruptures shooting the turk 8mm but attributed them to the five-point crimping around the neck,as this is where they always split.i've got a couple more boxes of the wolf,guess i'll shoot it up and see what happens.
  6. Is wolf primarily used for bolt action? I know they make all sorts of ammo but is it good to use steel in semi-auto? I heard that the steel case is pretty rough on the weapon causing a lot of wear and tear.

    Just bought a like new Russian M 44-- can't wait to fire it. Got it for about $125, still wrapped in the paper.

  7. Big Dog

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    Itcboy, the AK's and SKS's were designed to use steel-case ammo, so no problem with them. Western guns (AR's, Mini-14/30, etc) may or may not do okay with it. A lot of AR shooters use steel-case with no problems, others experience anything from jams and feed problems to parts breakage. I won't use it in my Bushmaster - just my personal preference. My AK and SKS get a steady diet of Wolf and other steel-case. However, my SKS does prefer good commercial brass-cased ammo for accuracy. My Mosins eat only steel-case.

  8. toolman

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    hey itchboy,yeah the wolf ammo shoots real well in the m-44's and it is cheap.the case is copper washed steel so you don't have extraction probs. as with some of the laquered cases.the s&b ammo is also a good choice but a little more expensive.the surplus ammo is mostly good depending on where it comes from(have heard the albanian is junk) but most is corrosive so involves a lot of cleaning.on the other hand the surplus also produces the biggest fireballs,hehehe! keep'em smokin'..toolman