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    If you reload you have quiet a few. This is my V-MAX load the original wood bullet only weights 5 Grs and is hollow it want make it out to 5 feet.
    Squares are 1/2" 5 shot groups from Chinese /26\ 50 Yds.
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    weird how much does it cost? it might be fun to play with a box or to but i dont know.... seems useless forthe most part.....
  4. 50-100yrds a good fart has about the same chace to knock cans over. lol It might be fun, but useless....If you try them, let us know what it's like!
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    lol they're for training. As in you shoot someone at semi close ranges and it won't kill them...sure hurt trying to get those splinters out though...
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    There about 10 cents each,I wanted some brass case ammo to reload for hunting or Mil-Surplus events that I didn't want to have to look for or lose my good brass,and still get the benefit of quality reloads, it works perfect for that. I just pull the wooden bullet dump th flash powder,neck size the case add my favorite powder and bullet combo like V-MAX Rd. in my above post and shoot all day long for about $4 per 20 Rds. or I can choose for a variety of others bullets SP in 123 & 150 Gr. FMJ or V-MAX. The Ammo is made by Lapua of Finland it thicker than American brass. Put about 200 rds through my Chinese and YUGO without a hitch.

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  7. Original Purpose in WW1

    Wood bullets in WW1 were, of course, highly inaccurate but did serve a purpose to splinter in the human body (in ofter surprisingly small splinters) thus defeating the new X-ray devices brought to the theater of war. It was a truly horrible bullet also manufacutured in .30-06 and used by American forces.
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    Wooden shotgun pellets were also used by police riot squads in the 1960s. When tear gas, clubs, and bullhorns weren't enough to get the little commies to go back to their dorms, they'd cut loose with the riot guns loaded with oak blocks. Shoot low and they splinter!

    Then the detectives would just wait at the infirmary for the little draft-dodging student derferrals to come get their splinters removed and arrest them!
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    those were designed by the military for shooting at werewolfs and vampires ;)
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    That's a good idea res45
  11. HO - HO Righteous

    Actually, shooting Germans and Austro-Hungarians.
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    I'm pretty sure those wooden bullets were primarily used for BRM. But hey, you never know!
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    They were training rounds and nothing more. They are a waste of money.
    They were not used against combatants.They will not function or cycle your gun, they are not for lauching grenades, etc. They are a waste of money!
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    I would agree. However you did not provide a link to support your opinion, M14man! My opinin is based on the Swede 6.5x55 wood training rounds for BRM, to include Trigger pull, and sight alignment. In the old days BRM Period 3.
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    What I mean is that this wooden round will not engage the rifleing properly nor can it be pushed at any reasonable speeds. It is designed to break apart. . It has no weight and won't stabilize with the spin givin it by the barrel. If lucky it is doing 300 fps out the barrel and due to it's sectional density will lose velocity so fast it soon resembles a cork gun for effectiveness. They can't be pushed faster because they strip thru the rifling. It is a training round. Some German and Jap ones were for launchers. They would only get you killed if you shot them at enemy combatants, because they would assume they were real bullets. If you were that low on ammo, better surrender than fight with wooden bullets. Try some, and tell me you can hit a milk jug at 30 yds or so, and if it penetrates the jug.
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    Agree! But I couldn't find a ref other than previously stated.
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    They work very well if you shoot at under 10 feet :09: They won't put a person on the ground, but they sure would fill them full of splinters! On a serious note, I like the previous idea of buying them to reload if the primer type allows it.
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    Weren't wooden bullets outlawed by Geneva for the use in conflicts?
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    I bought a box of 50 .223 bullets with the wooden core for like $18, and shot them at 50 and 75 yards. The accuracy is OK, but I think that lead/steel are better for accuracy.

    Overall, I guess it was worth it how cheap they were. I was just shooting for fun anyway.