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    Hi, I am a new member, so I hope my question is not a dumb one.
    I just bought a Remington 770 7mm Mag and because it is a known
    long time American name, I thought it would be easy as "pie" to replace
    the black stock with a nice wood one. I e-mailed Remington about this and
    was told no one makes a wood stock for this rifle.
    Will a 700 mod. , 710, or ??? fit this 770 model.
    I haven't shot it yet, but the bolt is about 1/3 the size of my 8mm Mauser!
    I hope it is safe to even fire this thing, as the 7mm Mag is powerful enough
    to be a belted case. Any help on the stock would be a big thanks.

  2. lefty o

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    no, nothing from a 700 will fit. my own opinion is that the 710/770 series is a poor excuse for a rifle that no one will mass produce a stock for it. would have been a better buy to get a more expensive 700 with the wood stock you want.
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  4. Steve

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    send the original stock to RICHARDS MICRO FIT in ca. and they came duplicate the stock for you in any type of wood you want.
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    For those of you who purchased a Remington 770 due to the rifle action and want a wood stock to replace the synthetic one, I just contacted boydsgunstocks.com and they said to put a product request in (a link on the homepage). I did so and they said if they get 10 requests (9 more) they will start making them. So those interested PLEASE put in a request and maybe we can actually get someone to make it for us! I put in Standard American Walnut for the "color" choice, as I'm sure most of you would want this option as well. I have the 770 .300 Win Mag. Good luck!
  6. FortyXDM

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    A rifle should be made of blued steel, and wood. This is somewhere in the Old Testament I think. (Exception for the Alaska porch rifle)
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    WELCOME TO G&G GUNLOVER!!! I don't buy a gun by the name, I look at it for what it is, meets my wants and it's intended purpose....name is secondary to more important things.
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    the case is belted for headspace reasons, not so much because it is 'powerful enough'. Here's an explanation I found from 'Jay' on another forum:

    "The concept of a belt on a cartridge base is at least a century old. It was not needed when large African cartridges were rimmed, the rim established the headspace in double rifles. When repeating rifles came along and cartridges were stacked in a magazine, the rimmed cartridges would often not feed consistently. A belt was added and the rim diameter reduced which permitted cartridges to be stacked and fed from the magazine. I think that the 375 H&H was the first to be belted. It lacked adequate shoulder to use a shoulder for headspacing. The 300 H&H quickly followed, if what I have read is true.
    When wildcatters started designing larger volume rounds the easy choice of parent brass was the H&H basic brass. Even when the 404 Jeffrey and similar cartridges could have been used, the wildcatters chose the belted cases. So we are stuck with a lot of belted cartridges that do not need a belt. Black Mesa, Dakota and now Remington, Winchester, Ruger, etc. have all come out with new case designs based on the 404 Jeffrey case and abandoned the belt. I like this, I hate unnecessary belts on cartridges.
    The 458 Win, Lott, etc., still need a belt due to the lack of a shoulder for headspace."
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    yes it was said," and the Lord said unto the Prophet, thy shalt make many smoke and thunder staff's of burnished metal, wrapped in Shittah wood. This I command of Thee. The Prophet asked, How do I do this I am but 1 man? The Lord said, go forth be fruitful and multiply.
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    And there became deniers of the prophet, who said "I shall worship plastic and other non natural substances, for I know a better way."
    The Prophet said: Thou shalt not be smitten by synthetic adornments on a long gun, lest yee be smited.
    And it came to pass: The followers of the faith, pursued the true and proper course...and the others wandered about aimlessly.

    Armourist 1:31:05
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  11. Carry thy rifle. Shoot thy rifle. Worry not from whence thy rifles materials came. The Lord looked down and saw only thine function and not thine form..and he declared it good.
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    And it was said: "If rubber and plastic don't offend thee....then blaspheme as yee see fit." But as spoken by the high Prophet *...."A long gun with out wood, is like a book cover with no pages."

    *Could have be Confucious
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    Gandog's wisdom in 5, 4, 3,...
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    A tale of 3 rifles:

    #1: Rem 700 ADL 30-06. Comes with nondescript impressed wood stock. I hated the gloss finish and took it off and gave it a Danish oil finish then light furniture wax. The barrel was blued. I carried it without fear of damage, it had plenty of 'character marks', but I would worry when it got rainy and took extra care to shield it from the rain.

    #2: Kleinguenther K-15 7RM. Won in a Lion's Club raffle. Beautiful, slick action, guaranteed 1/2 MOA. Way too nice to take knocking around in the field. Became a true 'safe queen' and eventually sold to pay bills. Bought it back then sold it again.

    #3: VZ-24 7x57 Hogue stock, modern protective finish. Built by Steve. 1 MOA, I'll take it anywhere anytime.

    Moral: Tradition is nice but sometimes modern is better and Be careful what you wish for.


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    I recall the only ones way back when with plastic were the Rem. Nylon series. When I was a kid I thought that was pretty weird. Was surprised when the synthetics became popular until I read what a good chunk of black walnut was going for. Have to admit though I sure liked the Browning Stainless Stalker with black stock. Do make sense in crappy weather.
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    you guys with your scripture quoting had me lmao! read like a scene out of a Mel Brooks film!
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    I think ol' Mel would like this gang of miscreants. (Mongo spoken here)
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    something about opinions...
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    sometimes i like those erector set /mad scientist looking stocks
    the ones with all kinds of incomprehensible knobs,levers and serious looking gizmos.
    oh heck
    i just like cool and accurate guns
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    Richards Microfit has been making them for years. and at a better price than boyds