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    After being a Life member since 1993, the North American Hunting Club finally sent me a product to field test for free (you get to keep whatever they send you). They sent me a product called Woodland Whisper retail $19.95. Just a fancy name for a hunting hearing aid. It magnifys sound and really works great. You can hear every little rustle or snap in the woods! It comes in a package with 3 different sizes of eartips and two batteries. 5 levels of amplification also. I would recommend this to anyone, but specially to the older hunters or nature walkers with diminished hearing. Woodland Whisper 521 Dogwood drive, Baxter, Mn 56425. :right:
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    Is there a wedsite on it?:confused:


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    No, none that I see Mark.
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    How does it react when you take a shot? Go offline for a second? I'd hate have the shot amplified!
    Maybe I expect too much from that low price. :cool: