Woof, Got Some HARD Primers

Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by gandog56, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. gandog56

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    I use small rifle primers in my .454 Casull as the recipe calls for. But I must have got a batch of some super hard ones. About 3/4 of them fired off fine. About 1/4 needed multiple hammer whacks to go off.

    Believe they were CCI.
  2. samuel

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    They aren't being seated properly.(all the way in)Make sure pockets are clean and the primer is all the way in.Also,be sure they are sized right.If only partially sized some may hang up just a tad but enough to use hammer energy to push them on in the chamber.This will cause FTF the same as a primer that isn't seated all the way.(really it's the same thing only different.)

  3. Tracer

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    had the same problem before, in my case it was wimpy primer seating.eat some wheaties!
  4. DaTeacha

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    CCI markets some primers, I believe number 41, in a white box that are harder than normal. My gun shop sells these at a premium. They are intended for use in semi-auto rifles with floating firing pins like ARs to avoid doubling and other exciting unintentional events.

    Is it possible you got some of them by accident?
  5. That's funny, the last store I saw them in had them marked down. The clerk said they couldn't give them away. I guess there wasn't any market for bullet resistant primers in south GA.
  6. gandog56

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    Well, I did use the old hand primer. Maybe use the Ram Prime next batch.
  7. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Might be good to go in CA. though.
  8. blu97

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    They got a lot of woofs in IL?
  9. gandog56

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    They got lots of mexicans working on woofs.