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  1. Klaus

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    Woohoo! 10 inch .50 cal!

    My new 10" barrel for my .50 cal Desrt Eagle came in! Can you say .50 cal, 300 gr. @ 1650 FPS for 1800 ft-lbs? I knew you could. Can't wait to try it out. Still need to decide what kind of sight to put on it.
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    Klaus when are you going to give up on these podle pooper old lady purse guns and get a real man's calaber...I mean come on SIZE DOES MATTER!! Time to put away the ankle holster and get a real man size pistol....I mean how many mice can you realy have running around your house?...300 grain....thats what a light weeight 25acp bullett....:)
    Enjoy and let us know how it works..