Wooo is me I need a 2nd mortgage. {See photo}

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    I have to call my mortgage guy tomorrow since I am going to retore this one. There goes the kids college fund and money for mom's heart surgery hehehehehehe only kidding.
    This is my project and I will shoot some photo's as I put it together with some reproduction parts of course. I am painting my body sign as we speak that read's " Will work for Parts" as I already strarted doing. This is around March 1939 and was a Gas Trap with every part numbered except the upper butt plate screw and windage knob.
    Notice the 7th round modification. Sorry for the blur but my batteries are dead and I lost the zoom option with no power. The funny thing is this receiver was not Annealed but got the weld for the 7th round stoppage. Not sure of the value grading with this weird combination. Let the games begin. Rick B


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  2. How the hell did you get your hands on it?

  3. I don't understand, what's a 7th round modification? What's that mean?
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    Where did you get it. give us the story.
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    I seen a ad looking for a trade or sale and I offered a mint original CMP HRA from 1955 and he said yes to the complete 4 digit rifle built with later parts
    The seventh round stoppage was when the 7th round would jam up in the receiver and they thought the barrel machine hole was the cause as the drill took material away in the receiver. They would weld up these areas and the problem was solved. I still remember hearing of another factor being the cause and not this.
    This is going to be built into a Gas Trap example with a few reproduction parts and many parts are on the way to me as we speak. It is good to know allot of folks and have many that are willing to pay for stock work with these old parts. They said it would take years to build my Educational Series Winny # 434 and it took about 21 days to get it to 90%. I dont think I will be as lucky this time but I am already about 50% done. Money will be a big factor this time so I am taking the 5 year old to McDonalds tomorrow to get a job hehehehehehe. Rick B

  6. I agree about knowing the right people. I thought restoring my 1943 CMP rifle would last over months. As I speak, the last parts (lock-bar sight and riveted short follower rod) are on their way.

    A lot of nice and generous folks out there!