Wounded Cops Recognized?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Mike Franklin, May 15, 2008.

  1. Most departments don't recognize Officers wounded in the line of duty.
    I know some do but many don't, even within the same city I've seen one Cop get a Medal and the other get nothing because they didn't work within the same department. My Department had an Officer DOA and they put his picture in a drawer. Another department's Officer had a park named after him, almost the same circumstances.
    Ya'll think it would be a good idea to give'm some kinda Medal or something?
  2. Probably. On the other hand, we've gotten a little carried away about awards and honors and recognizing people. At this rate, in another hundred years we'll be like the Egyptians, worshiping the dead.

    An offramp on the I-10 near Palm Springs used to be called Verbenia Ave. Nice, simple, easy to remember. Now it's called Haugan-Leighman Ave or something like that, after two officers who were killed in the line of duty. That's very nice. But the new name is hard to remember, impossible to spell, and sounds like a gourmet ice cream to me. Couldn't they have given their kids a scholarship or something, instead?

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    im all for giveing a metal for officers wounded on the job. but on the other hand i also like troys idea of giveing or at least naming a scholarship on there behalf.
  4. The scholarship Idea is way better than any medal. besides, every time you look at that medal it sometimes reminds you of the horrors that you went through.
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    Give them a THANK YOU!! and big paychecks.
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    A scholarship would do something positive, in memory of the officer, if killed in the line of duty. But what the hey, if an officer is wounded, give him or her the equivalent of a military purple heart. I could live with that! And a little monetary compensation wouldn't hurt, either.