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Wow, a good deal on a nice SKS in today's market

Discussion in 'SKS' started by gsbuickman, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. gsbuickman

    gsbuickman G&G Evangelist

    this is a thread that was lost when the board was crashed but I also posted it on another forum and I'm glad I can bring it back.
    Hi guys . I knows that I've had this fora little while but since I haven't been here for too awful long I thought I would share it with y'all.*

    Unfortunatly when my ex packed up and split she left me in a bad spot so I had to sell off my gun collection to come up with the cash I needed to take care of business and get back on my feet . It was a hard thing to do but I had to do what I had to do.*

    Well I finally got back on my feet and got things situated to where I could start looking into starting a new collection .

    Of course the first thing on my list was a new SKS without paying an arm and a leg for the **** thing. With a bit of patience and keeping an eye on things for a while I ran across this real clean Norinco for 3 bills. After a little talking I scored it for $240 w/ 10 boxes of ammo .Its real clean with little to no noticeable use and the bore is bright & shiny. . It had a nice 3x9 scope on a leapers rail but I pulled them off for now.*

    I also cleaned up the bolt for 1 handed mag drops which is a huge improvement

    . I am not a fan of the polymer stock at all, and the cheek weld lor lack there for of leaves a lot to be desired. The stocks only saving grace is is that it's collapsible and I can roll it up in a horse blanket and Ride out to the range and no one's the wiser .*

    If it wasn't for that one saving grace I would pull the polymer off and chuck it in the trash and replace it with a nice blonde Wood stock. I also have to say that I am impressed with this 30 round Promag, its cycles well and I haven't had an issue with it yet. Already looking into some 20 round polymer mags and optics short enough that I can still use stripper clips if need be .



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  2. gsbuickman

    gsbuickman G&G Evangelist

    While I was cleaning it up and going over everything I decided to decode the serial number and the Arsenal stamp so I would know what it was, so I jumped on Yooper John's sks pages to figure it out.

    After a little checking I found out this is one of the latest model sks's I've had yet and is the same as the one in the pic. It's s/n: 11xxxxxx - a 67' military contract type 56 with the Jianshe arsenal 26 stamp & the 3 Chinese characters that Translate as Type 56. It's nothing real special but it's in beautiful condition other than needing a Factory Wood stock and is a great shooter .

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  3. Mantrid_Brizon

    Mantrid_Brizon G&G Evangelist

    The SKS is a great piece. I kept mine stock after I bought it because it was just so beautiful and I appreciated it, as a history buff.
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  4. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    I have found that stock is more valuable and reliable,in general,IMHO. :D
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  5. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Hated the sights on my Yugo SKS though. Replaced them with Williams Firesight set. Love that fiber optic pipe front and diopter rear.
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