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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by PAPA G, Apr 19, 2002.

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    my arsenal refurb came in this morning from centerfire!!! six days from when i dropped my order in the mail box. absolutly gorgeous !!! all matching(butt plate forced) beautiful reblue, stock is dark wood finish with some sort of coating shellac or varnish?? izhsesk (sp) stamped 1934. hex-receiver. bayonet matches, ammo pouch, oiler can, and sling look brand new!!! ocala armorys import marking is on the receiver at the wood line , and very faint. the bore is alittle grungy but lots of rifleing left. it is lightly oiled, no cosmoline on the exterior !!! i was getting all psyched for an afternoon of heavy degreasing, guess i'll practice bayonet charges on the driveway !!!:D :D :D :nod: $130+S&H and $25 dealer fee. gettem while you can!!!
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    Papa G Used to be that just the Bayonets cost that much

  3. The dealer here got in some new unissued 91/30's and they are going for $200. I guess that isnt too bad since you dont have to pay shipping and handling or a fee for the FFL AND you get to hand pick them and take them home with you the same day. These are all from the Izhevsk plant and are complete with pouch, sling, oil bottles and bayonets. The one I looked at was date stamped 1942 but they arent as pretty as my 1931 with the hex receiver and the new blueing and refinished stock. Still, I think there is enough room in the closet for one more......
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    hi snake bite that $200. ain't to bad at least you get to look at them first. it must be nice to have a mil/surp stocking dealer. the big thing around here seems to be turkey guns. i had to twist the ffl's arm just to place an order!!! so he signed a copy of his license gave it to me , and let me do the ordering. thought thats odd!!! but i am happy with what i received, its usually a real crap shoot buying things unseen.;) and dennis is right about the bayonets price. i remember when the italian folding knife type bayonets for the m-38 short rifle could be had for about five dollars, look at them now!!!!