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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by PAPA G, Sep 28, 2002.

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    watched The American Shooter last night and they did a piece on Shooters World. what a fantastic place!!! if i ever get to Phoenix Az i will make it a must do. gotta rent one of the sub-machine guns!!! do they carry a big choice of mil/surps??? they have a web address??? youse AZ guys sure are lucky!!! wish there was one near me!!!:jaw:
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    Holler at Dale. He's out that way in AZ.

  3. It's been several years since I was at Shooter's World but I did buy two hand guns off them way back when. That was in the early 90s.

    They were also an authorized smith for Glocks (one of the many places that groaned, mumbled under their breaths or just plain used language unfitting to a woman or child when we walked in with one, lol).

    Then, I heard, they shut their doors to the public and sold strictly to law enforcment, military dealers....on contract.

    That was the time I went looking somewhere else.

    It's too bad too because, back in the 90's they had an indoor range and you could rent any gun to try out there before buying.

    I'm not aware they are open up to the public again but they might well be.

    They were located west of I-17 south of 35th Ave. between Indian School and Thomas. I'm not sure if they are still there or if they moved to another location.

    I do know that as recent as about a year ago some thugs did a late night drive in through their doors and made off with some good stuff. So, they are somewhere, lol.

    Their telephone number is (or, at least, was): 602-266-0170 if you want to give 'em a call.

    No idea if they have a web site. I do know they used to be an active advertiser on Davidson's but not sure now.

    My memories of them were they were average on prices but they did their best to make you feel at real pressure...answered your questions....had a great supply of guns, products (reloading, cleaning, etc.) .... salesmen were friendly....even had a couple of 'looker' girls (he he he he)...etc.

    You could also, on occassion, find them advertised in Shotgun News but I haven't seen a hint of them in there in moons.
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    you can rent fully automatic submachineguns at Bulls-Eye in Lawrenceville, Georgia

  5. that place is still there i went there before i moved back to Kalifornia, i rented a Desert eagle in .50ae and an M16 full auto it was fun!!!!!!!
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    Told ya. Dale could deliver the goods....
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    I was there years ago,I remember it was around Indian School. Rented a M3 Greasegun.
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    Shooters World is an immense store, judging from the video tape. all your needs and wants under one huge roof!!! there was whole families in there browsing!!!;)
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    Excellent addition to my list of "Places to go & Things to do" after I win the Lotto. :D
  10. Shooters World had to have been at least 30,000 square feet just on the showroom floor. Then add storage and the range and your guess is as good as mine.

    Like I said in my post I thought Shooter's World has closed up shop for good, as far as the general public goes, that is.

    Now that I know they are back to selling public (or so this thread tends to assert) I'm gonna have to take a ride there some say.

    Now, it's a considerable ride compared to when I lived in the valley area.

    And, as far as having everything under one roof they pretty much did. Anything about hunting and shooting they pretty much had.

    That includes(ed) bow hunting equipment.....camo suits......gun stocks......cross bows.....gun lockers and safes......a good supply of on and so on.

    If my memory serves me correct they also had some fishing stuff but I'm not positive on that.
  11. I called Shooter's World (same number is good) and they are, indeed, back open to the public.....same location.

    They said their closing had to do with lead and EPA concerns and ventilation inside the range area and were closed for a year; at which time they sold only to military and law enforcement and shipments.

    Their web site is not scheduled for being on-line until next June.

    Everything is pretty much status quo........gonna have to make a run, I guess.
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    I go there about once a month. Not bad. But I prefer Ben Avery. I don't like shooting indoors.
  13. Lenny,

    Did ya happen to notice if they had an older C&R bolt action rifles there now?