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  1. Last week when I brought home my new Hungarian M44 I took it apart for cleaning and inspection. When I removed the handguard a piece of paper fell to the floor. It was folded neatly underneath the guard and is rather oil soaked but I'm sure thats what preserved it for so long and protected it from the heat of the barrel. At first I thought maybe it was some sort of packing slip or something from the factory but I'm not sure what it is. I dont speak very good Hungarian. Anyway, it has some mathematical formulas on it and on the back is some math that is handwritten. It appears to be at least as old as the rifle (1953). Any one else ever find any papers in their guns? This really has me curious. I'm going to see if I can find a web sight to try to learn what some of the words are. They look similar to German but I dont think they are. Who knows. Maybe it is a smuggled document. It does have Einsteins theory of E=MC2 divided by 210X249. I just found out that some of the words are in Latin. Now I'm REALLY curious!:confused:
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    I for one would be interested in what you find out as I spend a great deal of time researching historical events and documentation from firearm manufactures especially, RAC (For The Most Part)

    It still amazes me what nasty little secretes you can learn from a companies own internal mamoranda!

    Maybe what you found is where Hitler hid Gold or counterfet currency......

    Just kidding, but it might be interesting to learn what you found...

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    Post it

    Snkebite post this in the general forum so everyone can get a good look at it.
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    I have found an old hunting lic. in an old american made shotgun, seems some used to stuff them in the buttstock. worth looking in the nooks and crannies of any gun. you never know.
  5. I will hopefully get the use of a scanner tomorrow and see if I can post it. No guarantees that it will turn out though. The paper is really dark from the oil but I will see what I can do.I'm going to take it to work in a little while and copy it at about 200% original size and see if I can make out more of the writing.
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    Never did take my M-44 apart that far....maybe I can find a little treasure of my own. That'll probably just translate into something like..."really got your hopes up, didn't I"....Post the translation, that will be interesting to see. Any one else find notes hidden in there guns...

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    One of the night auditors for one of my accounts is form that area of the world...speaks ussian and a few other languages I know it on the board and Ill see if she can read it....give me an excues to drive around in the copany can and get out of the office.