Wow! Twilight Zone Time!!!

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  1. Howdy,

    Holy Crap!! Could this lady be any more whacked out?? And she is raising offspring?????
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    The text-
    "Of snipers and guns

    I hope this column is out of date by the time you read it. But for the moment, as I write, all eyes in the nation are on Maryland and Virginia, watching for the most recent news of the elusive D.C. area sniper. His victims appear to be chosen at random, without regard for politics, religion, race, sex, or age, which makes him very frightening. But more than fear, I feel an intense, overwhelming anger.

    As a mother, I am enraged beyond all reason when things like this happen. Please understand that under normal circumstances, I am really an exceedingly reasonable person. I believe that violence is never the answer. I marched with the million moms. You will find no more enthusiastic proponent of pacifism than me. I don't even like action films.

    And if anyone ever laid a finger on my kids, I would personally cut out his spleen with a dull spoon.

    If this murderer is caught alive, he must not be allowed to return to society. Ever. He must, in other words, never have access to my family. At the risk of sounding draconian, I don't care if he is locked up in a prison cell, in a mental hospital, or in a pine box six feet under, just as long as he can't get out. Some crimes are so vile that those who commit them forfeit all rights and freedoms; this is definitely one of those crimes.

    But my anger is not by any means limited to the sniper himself. The entire situation would not even be possible if it weren't for the United States' fanatical pro-gun attitude, and I am angry at anyone who helps to perpetuate that culture of rampant violence. The number one movie at the box office last week was "Red Dragon," about a gruesome serial killer. Gee, I wonder how that happened.

    So I am angry at the gun manufacturers and retailers who pervert the intent of the Second Amendment in the name of profit. I am angry at the National Rifle Association and at a craven government which for years has bowed to pressure from the gun lobby and refused to do the right thing. I am angry at those who market brutal video games in which the point is to shoot as many people as possible, and I am angry at parents who allow such games in their homes.

    Finally, I am furious with the sniper's friends and family for protecting his identity. Someone must know this man, regardless of how much of a loner he may be. It is understandable for those close to him to be in a state of denial; it is also unforgivable. If I knew anyone with the kind of sharpshooting expertise that this man evidently has - heck, if I even knew anyone who owned a rifle - I would have asked myself long before now whether I could account for his whereabouts during every single attack. If I couldn't, it would take me about two seconds to give his name to the authorities.

    How can someone be so amoral that he hunts human beings? A better question is this: How can a large segment of our society glorify fictional carnage, fight for the proliferation of firearms, and then dare to feign surprise when something like this happens? "

    This is the type of idiocy and fanatacism we are up against people! And ya goota see her picture!


    And she exposes herself as a card carrying, rubber room riding hypocrite, aspousing pacifism and then saying she would cut someones spleen out with a dull spoon if they touch her kids.

    Hey man, I'm all for protecting ones children, and even a strangers kids, but I do not claim to be a pacifist and in the next sentance vow to eviserate someone with a kitchen utensil!!

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    I think she needs to be turned-in to authorities. She's an unstable person that SHOULDN'T own a gun.
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    Remember, these are some of the same people who are going to be part of the Homeland security TIPS program....Do you feel warm and fuzzy yet.

    "heck, if I even knew anyone who owned a rifle - I would have asked myself long before now whether I could account for his whereabouts during every single attack. If I couldn't, it would take me about two seconds to give his name to the authorities."
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    Yep, got to get my privacy fence up ASAP. Hate to be strung up by a SWAT team while loading my truck for the range. We don't need neighbors like her.
  7. The Larger Point


    The more I think about this, the more I think we all may miss the big picture (I said Big Pictuire, not PIG

    This woman (sic) is not alone in her beliefs. Her level of uninformed fanatacism is the type we are fighting in large urban areas.

    Woefully uninformed media and Liberal fed dogma forming their opinions from fantasy, mis truth and lies. All this compouinded by fear, force fed to these oh so socially informed people.

    Most are you average joe six pack and his "socially involved" soccer mom wife that wants to make a difference, but probably shouldn't.

    Imagine where we would be if this woman was a nuclear physasist and drew her conclusions on nuclear physics in the same manner as she draws on her gun owner/gun control conclusions. Can you say booooom!

    And if I was one of this womans neighbors, I'd run and not lookback. I'd sell the house and move before she turns me in because she thinks I have a gun.

    Talk about idiocy!!! Hey she has a womb, (shudder at that thought,and that some jerk went there!!) maybe we should turn her in forbeing a prostitute! Or better yet,she has a nose, therefore she must be aq coke fiend!!!!

    how did you get hooked up with the Frederick News Post. It's the paper where I work, used to live and will live again very soon?
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    Still can't understand why people claim to want a kinder society while spewing hate at people who agree with them on their goal and disagree with the means.

    Focusing one's world view on material objects as the cause and solution to mankind's problems is central to Marxism.

    This woman says what she does in total ignorance of her human nature. If she's willing to cut out his spleen with a spoon, she'd do it just as quickly if she had a gun in her hands. Different tools for the same job.
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    We've got one heckuva fight coming our way boys...I feel my stomach churning as I think about it......
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    Even though I don't live there I voted on their poll that I am living my life normally despite the sniper. Its not a lie, I am! So was 58% I believe.
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    Truly the saddest part of this is the fact that such a liberal hipocrite has reproduced and now has the chance to poison her kids! She could possibly be a greater danger to them than the sniper! The kids have my sympathy.
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    and they call us gun nuts, I think this lady is plain ole totally nuts. I can just see her ranting & raving...she needs a tranquillizer.