W's Plans To Rout Iraq

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    Waiver: This is intended to be read as a joke only. Don't take it seriously.


    President Bush has been criticized for rattling sabers about Iraq without a substantial plan to quickly defeat Saddam Hussein. Over the weekend, details of the U.S. military’s plans for a quick resolution to Iraq surfaced:

    Send in a team of Alabama Special Forces. Billy Bob, Bubba, Boo, Scooter, and Cooter are being sent in with the following information about the Iraqis:

    1. There is no limit.
    2. The season opened last weekend.
    3. They taste just like chicken.
    4. They don't like beer, pickup trucks, country music, or Jesus.
    5. They don't like barbeque.
    6. They were responsible for Dale Earnhardt's death.

    Should be over in just about a week.