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Awright boys and girls, I want to trade my set of lightly used (approx. 400 rds loaded) Hornady New Dimension dies (pre-ZipStem-uses the solid stem collet like Lee), for a set of good condition Lee dies. I love these Hornady's but am unable to run my Lee Classic Turret or Pro 1000 as anything other than single-stage without using Lee dies. I bought these new @ Cabelas in Kansas City in 2006 and just haven't used them much because of the incompatibility with the Lee powder measure setup needed to run in progressive mode. Now, I know and trust the majority of you folks, but I have to point out that if we trade, I'd better not get a set of dies that don't work correctly-I will track you down, beat your axx and take my dies back! :D I want dies in the box with everything that they came with, just like mine will be, and we both pay for shipping.
Disclaimer: Not trying to be a DB, but am still feeling the sting of a couple of bad deals where I got burned by being a nice guy. These are also up for trade on another site, so FCFS...
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