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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Tony @ WCG, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Tony @ WCG

    Tony @ WCG G&G Newbie

    My favorite place to hunt is Wyoming. Lots of public hunting and lots of game. On an average day while hunting, we sill see 350 or more antelope and 75 Mule Deer plus the odd Elk. Anyone wanting to hunt the west, I strongly suggest looking into Wyoming.

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  2. mrmarklin

    mrmarklin G&G Newbie

    Have hunted Wyoming many times, and couldn't agree more with the original assessment.

  3. Hi Tony,
    This is Superbee, any hint what part of Wyoming? I have some friends that resides in the country, in Sheridan. Is this place closer to where you hunted? Please let me know if you have some more info. I like to try to hunt elk and mule deer. Nice to hear from you.
    :) :)
  4. Tony @ WCG

    Tony @ WCG G&G Newbie

    First topic here...what year Super Bee??? Or is that just a coincidence name? I have hunted Antelpoe areas 23 and 26. Both are mostly private hunting areas. I have done well on the little public land that 26 has to offer. I have also hunted in south central Wyoming. For Elk, try the Big Horns, Snowy Range or The Medicine Bow Range. For Deer, I have seen as many on the grass lands as I have in the mountains all over the state. In the mountains, they seem way more plentiful in the 6,000 to 8,000 ft. elevation than up higher. Contact some of the Game Biologists in the area where you are interested, they are very helpful and willing to help...most of them hunt too.
  5. Tony
    Its supposed to be Superbee-69 6-pack, but changed my mind to 1970 Dodge Coronet with the split front bumper, that is really a cool muscle car. Also look too macho. I started last year, the plan was building from scratch, Right now I had machined 440 .30 over, 727, chassis and accs., I'm still looking for the Coronet body that involve some body works that I enjoy doing.
    Anyway, thanks for the info. about hunting places, I will try to contact my friends and ask some favor about hunting contacts and places.
    Thanks again, appreciated it alot.