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  1. Jimmy243

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    Barnes Triple Shock X-Bullet: Hot or not?
  2. Have heard good and bad about them,havent tried them myself so cant really say mate.

  3. Jimmy243

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    Same here, I'd try them myself but there friggin expensive for a students budget- anyone here used and liked them?
  4. Ron AKA

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    Have not used them. They are made of copper and are less dense than lead filled bullets, which in turn gives them a poorer ballistic coefficient. Their main claim to fame is that they expand but stay together, and there is no weight loss. Possibly a good idea on balance.

  5. turner

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    I wouldn't argue with that mathmatical fact. But, I have used Barnes "X"s in .270, .308, and 30/06 with very good success and personally feel the B.C. to be something of a moot point at practical hunting ranges. I've never seen them depicted in any trajectory charts as any worse than comparable bullets of conventional jacketed, pointed design. The expansion charataristics seem to be exceptional on all but the largest game(?) ( I just read a great article by a noted hunter/author who shot 2 water buffalo in Africa using a .338WM and 225gr "X" bullets at well under 100yds with excellent results), and the penetration is nothing short of phenomenal.
    I've read very little bad about them and my experience with 1st generation "X" bullets was good enough that I'd never hesitate to use the newer, improved versions on any game I hunted. But, they are pricey.
  6. Midas

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    As mentioned, great penetration, and overall a great bullet, but too expensive for me!
  7. I don't know much about them. But I do know they are too expensive for me!
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    I've used them in .338 and 7 MM. Worked very well. Actually quite destructive, I've only shot 3 animals with them so can't say too much. Up here they're actually slightly cheaper than Partitions. I've also shot paper with .30 and .416 TSXs, all very accurate. As far as B/C, because they need to be so long to equal conventional bullets they still have good B/Cs.
  9. Ron AKA

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    For a 160 grain 7mm BC as follows:

    Nosler Partition - .475
    Nosler Accubond - .531
    Barnes TSX - .392

  10. Palladin8

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    I have only killed one animal with the Barnes bullets. I shot an antelope with a 100gr XLC out of my 25-06. It was a one shot kill and it droped where it was shot. The bullet passed clean through the animal.
    The accuracy on the XLC's were not exactly the greatest but good enough for hunting.
    I just purchased a box of factory .280 rem with the Barnes TSX bullets in them and I will have to say they are extremely accurate. They may not have the greatest BC in the world but out to 300+ yds they would be just as accurate as the others. That ofcourse is my opinnion.
  11. Pumpkinheaver

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    If I was on a once in a lifetime hunt for trophy elk, moose or some other large game the Barnes triple shock would probably be the bullet I would choose. It is not needed for deer or similar sized game.