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    I stumbled onto this one in Guns International. The owner of the big shop back East had it on consignment with a price of $2250. The pictures were lousy but I still figured out what it is, namely an X prefix National Match Garand. These rifle were the last Garands assembled by SA, SN X6000001 to approximately X6002000. Mine is SN X6001268 and these are the rarest Garands in existence. The rifle is in excellent condition with a Me of just under 1. The barrel is a SA 2 63 y14 NM and I have the original CMP letter of authenticity and sales receipt.
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    That’s quite a prize. Very cool.
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    I had never seen or heard of an X prefixed Garand. Thanks !!
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    I've never heard of the X serial numbered rifles either. Very nice one you got there.
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    information: I know nothing


    This is an excellent example of a very late production Springfield Armory M1 Garand that was manufactured as a standard service rifle circa 1956, with the scarce "X-"Prefix" serial number. This "X" prefix indicates that it has a duplicate serial number that was accidently applied by Springfield Armory. Many of these late "X" prefix serial numbered rifle were manufactured at the very end of production in 1955, with some being fitted with a "NM" marked barrel, as is the case with this rifle. (Writer believes it to be a Type 1 National Match, but have no documentation). These were all a late, last clean-up, effort to expunge Springfield Armory of all M1 rifles and components prior to beginning the M14 production. This example is fitted with an early LMR barrel that is marked "LMR D6535448 10 53 A22", that is also correctly marked "NM" on the left front exposed area of the barrel as it gauged to National Match specifications. It is fitted with a late post production SA bolt marked "6528287-SA/Z-2", the trigger housing is marked 6528290-SA with a late SA production hammer, and a late production operating rod with drawing number, "65353821 SA". It has a standard wide base gas cylinder, a high hump gas cylinder lock and four slot gas plug. It is fitted with the standard unmarked front sight with the standard sight set with an "NM"/"595" marked non-hooded rear sight aperture. It is fitted with a standard (non-bedded) walnut stock and standard (non-unitized) front handguard. The left side of the stock is stamped with a standard DOD cartouche with a circled "P" proof in the grip area.
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    Don't send your rare rifles to Rock Island and expect a fair price or a correct history. It has never been proven the X was for duplicate SA serial numbers. The last X marked that sold from my searching was a X rifle owned by Scott Duff and had DCM provenance. He sold it for around $5,250 about 10 years ago. The GCA has had 2 issues devoted to these, the Winter 95 and Spring 07. I have read them both. Most of these rifles had the SA 2 63 y14 barrel not LMR. A cache of SA 2 63 barrels were found at the Schenectady Ord facility and SA was able to finish the X rifle program. The condition of these DCM Sales rifles will generally be excellent or better and with the DCM sales paperwork makes a great find for any military rifle collection!
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    Terrific find. The stock looks bedded to my ancient eyes. LMR barrels were sought after because of their stellar reputation of excellence. The 60's SA barrels were some of the best as well. You did well, Sir.
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