Yankeeprepper shows us safety first

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by savage1r, Sep 15, 2010.

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  2. gandog56

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    I ain't worried where he places his finger unless I have to shake hands with him!
  3. Sober

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    Man apparently this a$$ doesn't realize that keeping your finger off the trigger Isn't for your own safety its for other peoples. Yah he hasn't had a range accident ....YET!!!!! Wait until he does he go to prison for involuntary manslaughter there will be plenty of triggers for him to rest his finger on. LOL
  4. The mag is engaged, the dust cover is down, and his finger is on the trigger. ND possible.
  5. savage1r

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    My second favorite part was when he put a lit match up to the gas tank of that lawn mower, that's a good way to loose your eyebrows. Oh, and I think that chicken has the right idea, lol.

    A7XFREAK G&G Newbie

    I'm gonna love it when he blows his foot off "going off into his own world".
  7. Tha Dave

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    Some people should not be allowed to breed he is one of those people. Where I place my finger on a weapon is not so much a safety for me as much as it is a safety for everyone else. If I am caring my rifle the odds of it being pointed at me are slim but the odds of someone crossing in front of it or a round skipping off the ground is much higher hence why you don't touch the trigger until you are ready to fire. So his little rant at the end is BS.

    Treat every weapon as if it is loaded
    Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot
    Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire
    Keep the weapon on safe until you intend to shoot
    Know your target and what is past it.

    and always clear a gun before you and it off that’s just good manners
  8. SwedeSteve

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    Fortunately Mother Nature has a way to clean people like this out of our gene pool !!
  9. you sure this isn't just a joke? he shows a clear pic of the warning at the top of the ladder saying not to use it as a step right before stepping on it, then holds a match over a fuel tank then goes on a rant about trigger finger position. i think it's a joke myself. not gonna waste any time looking at any of his other videos to find out though.
  10. Sober

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    EXACTLY WHAT IM SAYIN! Too bad we can't tell this guy cause he would just block us and pretend we dont exist.
  11. sadly I don't think it is.
  12. A7XFREAK

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    Same, I think he was making a point to say "I do things unsafe".....which is just another way to say "I'm an idiot, I will die 20 years before my lifespan would normally be up."