"You asked for it and now it's here!

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    "You asked for it and now it's here! By overwhelmingly popular demand Mango Music is offering a 2-CD box set for your listening pleasure! He's back! He's available! He's Saddam good! It's 'Saddam Sings the Hits'! This album has gone No.1 with a bullet - literally! Buy it or we'll kill you! Call 1-800-Scjvfvfyodjbfo. Listen to the hits that the U.N. inspectors couldn't! Like these:

    Iraq Around the Clock

    Take Alla of Me

    My Heart Belongs to Saddy

    Raspberry Beret

    Tanks for the Memories


    Whole Lotta Skud

    Lay Down Saddy

    Stuck Inside a Bunker with the Baghdad Blues Again"