you can't get this at Safeway

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  1. Spent a pleasant part of the day picking these babies out in back:

    These are Golden Delicious Apples allowed to ripen on the tree.

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  2. TGF

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    What do you use to keep the moths off them? I have a few apple trees but the apples are wormy as hell.

  3. I use dormant oil spray and pheremone traps. Does not get all of them but I get about 50% worm free apples. Of the 50% with the worms, this is not for the squeemish but cut the yucky parts cut out and the rest put into apple sauce. I also compost any and all dead fall apples plus any not worth keeping. This year was a good apple year, harvested two 5 gallon buckets with more yet on the tree, at least twice that still ripening.
  4. blaster

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    nothing like tree ripened apples (or any other fruit) after living in Da U P of Michigan and having apple trees on the property, I won't eat a store bought apple again.
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    Love apples.
    They are my favorite fruit.
    And also the perfect fruit.
  6. Earl Easter

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    Good pictures cheapblaster Thanks

    I collect the apples and use them in apple sauce and fruit roll ups....
    The next door 85 year old neighbor lady stopped in the other day when i was sick and asked me to break into her home...she locked the keys inside. It was a 45 minute job, I climb to a window and had to weasel my way in...Two days later she gave my wife an apple pie for the breakin...LOL..It was good...............
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    I guess that will be the only time you get pie for doing something illegal! LOL I have about 12 apple trees at my friends farm that I am allowed to work and I got about 11 5 Gal buckets this year, I gave some to my Grandmother and she made apple everything...
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    Ah yes, the Forbidden Fruit !!