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You may consider yourself Politically Incorrect if...........

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    You may consider yourself Politically Incorrect if...........

    1. Your new girlfriend comes over for the first time and
    when she walks into the living room, the first thing that
    she sees is your CHL regulation Man sized target with 50
    holes in the chest area.

    2.Your dog has more Emergency Rations than 95% of the U.S.

    3.Your the first person at the gun range on Dec 26th to
    check out your new toys. ( and they know you there by your first name)

    4. The local supermarket manager knows to go ahead and open
    up the back dock doors when he sees you on a shopping trip.

    5. Your home furnishings include contemporary "art deco"
    coffee and end tables by Ozarka, Sparklets and Rain Fresh .

    6. Your home and property are more secure and better lit
    than Fort Knox or Area 51.

    7. All the local restaurants know to save you all their 5
    gallon buckets on Mondays and Thursdays.

    8. None of your vehicles have electronic ignition or
    pollution control.

    9.You know exactly what the term Y2K stands for and you also
    know exactly how many days are left until Dec 31, 1999.

    10. The neighborhood association makes an appointment before
    dropping off the monthly newsletter.

    11.You know the tail numbers of all the Helicopters in your

    12.Your local city government hold an election in which only
    14% of the population shows up, and your surprised that the
    turnout is so good.

    13.The magazines on your art deco coffee table include
    American Survival Guide, Guns and Ammo, Soldier of Fortune,
    American Rifleman, Shotgun News and 4 -Wheeler.

    14. The books on your end tables include Brigade
    Quartermasters , Majors Surplus, Paladin Press, CBR
    decontamination and TEOTWAWKI.

    15. You welcome a "mild" El Nino storm because you know its
    going to fill you cistern.

    16.The power fails in your local movie theater and you pull
    your mini mag from your belt and show yourself the way out.

    17. You use your Gerber Tool to cut your steak at a fine
    dining establishment.

    18.You ask every cashier that you run into if their computer
    systems are year 2000 compliant just to see their blank and
    confused expressions.

    19. Your knife collection has its own footlocker.

    20.When people ask about all those colorful maps on your
    walls, you tell them that you are planning a "Fishing

    21.You have the need to rent a Backhoe for a week WITHOUT
    the driver , but with a post hole digger attachment.

    22.You can recognize the sound of a Generator from 4 blocks
    away, but you also know the brand, horsepower and the
    kilowatts per hour that it is putting out.

    23.You have to kill a snake in your front yard, but them you
    skin it and eat it.

    24. You open your freezer to stock some deer meat, but you
    have to remove all the batteries first.

    25.You stock up on Kerosene and Firewood in 102 degree
    summer heat.

    26.Your "homeschooled" children score in the 99 percentile
    on their SAT's.
  2. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    Number three isn't so far fetched. I've learned to get there early on Holidays, to beat the rush!
    13 & 14 are true, too.

  3. I've actually done #23