You may remeber that I...

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    You may remember that I...

    You may remember that I am assigned to a "problem" school right now.

    Last night I worked an overtime job directing traffic for a particular schools "Open House Night." Traffic was a mess, that's for sure.

    Parents were going from class to class inside the building and meeting their kid's teachers. They received a copy of thier child's schedule, and spent about twenty minutes in each class.

    There was one kid walking around the school withut any parents there. He came out into the street during a slow traffic time and made small talk with me.

    I asked him why he wasn't with his parents. He told me that they did not come to the open house. I asked him why. Instead of answering me directly, he pointed to his house, which happened to be right across the street from the school. I observed a man standing on the curb looking at the school. The kid reminded me that his Dad was/is under house arrest as a provision of his parole. He could not cross the street without being arrested.

    I realized right then that it was ME that the guy was scarred of. He knew-that I knew- that he was not to leave his residence for any reason. I later found out that he thought I would arrest him if he crossed the street and attended the open house. (I don't think I could have done it. The law is not that black and white in my eyes).

    Traffic was slow and handling itself at that point so I decided to do something about the situation. I went to the principal of the school and told him the situation. I forgot about it at that point as parents began to approach me and talk to me.

    I looked out the door of the school and saw that everyone of that kids teachers were standing in that dudes front yard talking to him and getting to know him. The kid was standing next to his Dad just as proud as could be.

    I was real proud of those teachers. They didn't have to set everything aside and do that. The man is a convicted felon, and violent as H*ll at that. I know his rap.

    They made a difference in that student's life. In a small way, I was a part of it.

    Any Spanish speakers out there? Sin ustedes, nuestro plan educational nunca funcionara!

    "Without y'all, our educational plan will not function (work)."

    Just a little something to think about...
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    nice story. hope that kid turns out better than his oldman.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Good man 1*, hopefully the kid will remember what you did and turn out like you and not his father! :right:
  4. 1*,

    Keep this story in the back of your mind, my is the type that I was referring to in the PM in response to your e-mail that got misplaced.

    In this case you could see the final outcome of your actions. Some you can't, but it's all good!

  5. Way to Go!

    Howdy 1*!

    Makes me proud to know there are still educators who give a rip about kids!

    I also am glad to hear your presence atthe school is not to be a jack booted thug, but then we knew you wouldn't do that.

    Keep up the good work!

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    People are getting more scared of cops,I can understand it. Some of them are into a big power trip,you don't get the benefit of doubt,automatically,YOU ARE A CRIMINAL,and to be dealt with harshly,weather there has really been a crime commited or not doesn't matter. They intend to arrest you,or at least,give you a ticket. I believe we are being groomed for a Police State,where the cops have un-limited power. 1*,I do believe you are one of the good ones though,I hope you continue to be able to think for yourself,and make fair decisions. After all,WE are all in this together,it shouldn't be THEM and US.
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    Thanks for telling us that story. That boy, and his dad, can't help but develop some respect for what you've done. You're the kind of cop more schools need. Cops in schools are about more things than being black and white, as you said.

    Also, I'm glad that his teachers would take time to cross over the street for a conference. I'm impressed with their actions. Unfortunately, I'm not confident how many would do that away from your school, though. However, those teachers should be commended for their concern and efforts.

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    The school we're at is rough as heck. The original thought was to storm troop the place and get rid of the major dope and gang problem. We did that, and the dept promptly removed several officers fromthe school and put them back on the street. I remain behind for what appears to be an open ended assignment. Not a bad gig, M-F 0800-1600 w/ all the optional OT you want. I still pick up the patrol shift there and there for OT. It helps me get the "street fix."

    Don't get me wrong, I'm there to enforce the law. I will do that first and foremost. Things have gotten very violent at times. It's just the nature of the business. However, as the weeks have gone by, I'm seeing that every problem child has a "root source." What is the cause behind this kid's actions? Many are simply plain criminals. There are a handfull though that are still able to be salvaged. Those are that ones we need to take alternate paths with.

    Teachers at this school tend to just kick the kid out of the class and call the police to handle the situation. I cannot get into an administrative matter. I'm the law, the Principal is the "administrative law enforcer." I had to get all the teachers together and bluntly tell them, "I'm not here to make up for your lack of classroom control." Stepped on a lot of toes when I said that to them, but the Principal an VP were behind me on it. I can't take little Miguel to jail because he won't stop talking in class!

    I'll post an update here and there if you're still interested.
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    Yeah,keep us posted. Some kids are gonna be criminals no matter what,can't worry about them,some just need to be shown the right direction,and,hopefully will make the right decisions. Glad you let the teachers know that they can't just pawn off the troublemakers on you,your kinda the last resort,they gotta try first. Gotta lot of respect for ya 1*. We need more cops like you.
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    Dios Mio, I just realized that I mispelled "remember" in the original title for this thread!
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    Geez,now Oxford will be on your case.(ha)
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    Keep up the good work 1*, we're all rooting for you!

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    I'm LOL Wes. The only person I criticized for spelling was MarkII 22. Yep...I got on Markie boy's case because I thought he was putting us all on by his intentional misspelling and other "dumb" act.

    Isn't it interesting that his posts have changed so that they are downright worth reading responding to now? Glad for him that he cut out the act. No offense intended Mark. I enjoy communicating with him now as a mature person and even kidding occasionally.

    Re: Oneastrix's assignment...his superiors couldn't have sent a better cop to that school for his current assignment. When I was a teacher & later as an administrator I would have appreciated having him on board the team.

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    That means something to me Ox, Thanks.....