You might be a liberal if ...

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    You might be a liberal if ...

    You think sociology class is fact and/or science

    you associate the words "model American" with Bill Clinton

    you think Dan Rather represents media impartiality

    the first word in the description of your hair color is "neon"

    you've ever tried to protect the ozone layer

    you've stood for animal rights, but wear leather belts and sandals

    you've ever given money to a bum so he can buy more, er... food

    you use the words "Clarence Thomas" & "Uncle Tom" in the same sentence

    you have a bumper sticker that says "You Can't Hug with Nuclear Arms"

    you believe diversity represents the answer to everything

    you pay a 185 percent markup for organically grown food

    you don't want to kill rapists and murderers, but do think abortion's OK

    you want more funding for AIDS research but less for cancer/heart research

    you abhor censorship unless it's censoring religion or Conservatism

    you found yourself unemployed after Clinton was in

    you think "separation of church and state" is in the Constitution

    you stay informed by watching MTV News

    you have an "I'm Straight But Not Narrow" button

    you think religion is bad for school kids to learn

    you think condom giveaways are just what schools need

    you think Jesse Jackson is a good spokesman for the black community

    you think Jesse Jackson is good at anything at all

    you lie in bed at night worried that "they're" out to get you

    you attribute the rising crime rate to the Republicans

    you attribute all inner city problems to the Republicans

    you attribute the rising illegitimate birth rate to the Republicans

    you've held up grocery lines picking between plastic or paper

    you think National Organization for Women members are heterosexuals

    you're on a committee for the Gay Jewish Women's Cultural Center

    you think banning weapons is a solution for ending crime

    you tell me how to live by telling me I can't tell people how to live

    you think any male in the Kennedy Klan is sober and monogamous

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